FICORA introduces eInvoicing

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Many of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority’s (FICORA) fees, such as the television fee, frequency fee, maritime radio examination and certificate fee, can be eInvoiced as of this fall. At first, customers of other banks than Nordea cannot pay FICORA’s eInvoices. The service will be provided by Itella Information. Consumers can still have FICORA’s invoices […] Read more »

Draft Good Practice Guidelines: how to comply with e-invoicing regulations?

October 16th, 2008 by in Featured Articles

Late June 2008 the CEN/ISSS eInvoice Phase II Workshop unveiled the Draft Good Practice Guidelines. The objective of this document is to reduce some of the principal areas of uncertainty and resulting inefficiencies on the e-invoicing market with one single set of good practice. These guidelines should be applicable to both businesses and tax administrations […] Read more »

Become a Founding Partner of the EEI Platform

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Electronic invoicing and invoice automation promise to unlock major benefits for almost everyone. Corporates, SME’s, banks, public administrations, service providers and even consumers can profit from electronic invoicing. The most striking benefit would be the multi-billion cost savings across Europe. Supplemented with a large amount of non-financial benefits, e-invoicing and invoice automation can be a […] Read more »

Case: NemHandel – Open Infrastructure for Danish E-Business

October 16th, 2008 by in Adoption, Publications

In 2007 the Danish National IT & Telecom Agency (NITA) launched a national open e-business framework ‘NemHandel’ (literally ‘EasyTrade’), based on a new national service-oriented infrastructure and utilizing state-of-the-art open standards to do e-business transactions business to government and business to business via the internet. The national open e-business framework supports reliable, secure and asynchronous […] Read more »

Energy firm Ecotricity introduces bill payments with OneVu

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Renewable energy supplier Ecotricity has signed up with OneVu to offer its customers a greener billing alternative which will help to reduce the number of paper invoices and statements being produced and sent across the postal system.

Under the agreement, Ecotricity’s domestic customers can now use OneVu’s unique service to view and pay their bills through […] Read more »

Commission proposes clear legal framework for innovative payment solutions

October 13th, 2008 by in Adoption

The European Commission has put forward a proposal revising the current rules governing the conditions for issuing electronic money in the EU. The proposal follows extensive consultation (see IP/05/930) which showed that the current rules, dating from 2000, have hindered the take-up of the electronic money market, hampering technological innovation. The revised rules will facilitate […] Read more »

Kofax acquires Swedish e-invoice software company OptiInvoice

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Kofax plc (LSE: KFX), the leading provider of Intelligent Capture & Exchange solutions, today announced that it has acquired the shares of OptiInvoice Digital Technology AB (“OptiInvoice”), a Scandinavian company that develops and markets electronic invoice and other document processing software.
Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, OptiInvoice provides software that allows electronic invoices and other documents to […] Read more »

Study: E-invoicing and supply chain financing to boost bank revenues after SEPA

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A recent study looking to identify possible benefits for corporate financial service providers in the aftermath of SEPA implementation marks the existence of two separate approaches banks can implement in order to recoup SEPA-related investments and generate additional revenues: electronic invoicing and supply chain financing.

The study points out that SEPA compliance has exerted a high […] Read more »

Blogpost: Model B Introduced at the European EXPP Summit 2008

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Source: Accountis
The last day of Europe’s main e-invoicing event has now become a discussion forum for the European EIPP operators. This year saw the Third E-Invoicing Operators’ Forum being held in Frankfurt.

One of the most interesting presentations of the day was given by the event organiser, Bruno Koch of Billentis. Bruno presented what he termed […] Read more »

Siemens Enterprise Communications GmbH selects TIE DCM for global trial

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TIE Holding N.V. (“TIE”) hereby announces that Siemens Enterprise Communications GmbH has selected TIE DCM as a key part of their worldwide indirect partner program.

The TIE Digital Channel Management solution (DCM) will enable Siemens to manage and distribute their marketing and sales information real-time to their worldwide indirect sales channel. Starting with a pilot phase […] Read more »