An old friend: Intrum Justitia’s EPI survey

February 13, 2013  |  Europe, Featured Articles, Payment, Research  |  Comments Off

Ah, there it is again, the call to participate in Instrum Justitia’s renowned study into payment behaviour, payment experiences and payment risks of companies, individuals and governments at local and European level. Yes, the European Payment Index 2013. And Intrum Justitia could really use your help.

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Bruno Koch’s 2013 International Market Overview & Forecast

February 13, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Featured Articles, Publications, Research  |  Comments Off

A few days ago Bruno Koch posted a discussion in our LinkedIn group about his latest International Market Overview & Forecast. Although we have great respect for his work, we can’t help but wonder on what actual facts he bases his findings. Or are they guesstimates? What do you think? See for yourself in this brief summary (Europe only).

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UK small businesses embrace e-invoicing [survey]

February 12, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Featured Articles  |  Comments Off

An increasingly growing number of UK small and midsized businesses use e-invoicing technology, according to a survey by the Federation of Private Business (FPB). FPB is a membership organisation for small businesses. Below are some clear results from their e-invoicing survey with 4,000 of its members.

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New customers for Medius: SMC Pneumatics, Kemwell and more

February 11, 2013  |  Digitalisation, Europe, Invoice Automation  |  Comments Off

Medius is hitting targets. In just the last few months the company was able to attract some interesting customers. From looking at it, their invoice automation and procure to pay solutions combined with outlook integration really interests new customers.

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UPDATE: Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland (FeRD) presents new PDF A/3-XML data model at CeBIT!

February 6, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Standards  |  2 Comments

The ZUGFeRD standard describes a document and data format for the exchange of electronic invoices. In its basis it is a hybrid approach, in which a visual representation is based on a PDF/A-3 document, while all the billing data file is embedded in the document in XML format.

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Is Britain lagging behind in e-invoicing adoption?

January 30, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe  |  Comments Off

David Cameron’s recent ‘Europe a la carte’ speech still resonates in the ears of EU optimists. In the meantime, much more important stuff is going on. Like the lack/lag of adoption of e-invoicing in Britain for instance. More and more professionals are taking up the stand and are complaining that Britain is lagging behind on e-invoicing adoption.

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Flicking the electronic invoice switch. A beautiful metaphor

January 30, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe  |  Comments Off

What a beautifully crafted metaphorical title, Rick Hewitt: “Flicking the electronic invoice switch”. In his article Hewitt of course explains that e-invoicing is big news right now. And that the challenge for the EC is to take a comprehensive approach, ideally with the support of qualified independent experts. Nice!

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France transposes new EU E-invoicing Directive to national law

January 30, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Legal  |  2 Comments

We all thought that as the new EU E-invoicing Directive came in to force on January 1st, 2013 it would immediately apply to all member states of the EU. Well, to be true; not quite. The way it works in France is that it requires a national law to affirm that a EU law comes into effect. And the French just did.

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Recent contributions on the OB10 blog you might want to read

January 28, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Invoice Automation  |  Comments Off

As e-invoicing evolves, so do the different types of providers. Some of them partner up, others try to create as much distance between them as possible. One of the ways to distinct yourselves is to work on your own blog. OB10 is one these providers that does just that. We collected some of their posts.

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Belgium adopts e-PRIOR for e-Invoicing. Smart. Very smart.

January 28, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Government, Procurement  |  Comments Off

The Belgian Federal Government decided to reuse e-PRIOR for e-Invoicing in the future, it’s a system that’s already used by the European Commission. Aren’t these Belgians clever? We know, we know, you’d rather build your only little infrastructure for a couple million euro.

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