PEPPOL: Standard Basic eOrdering Format and Data Structure

September 7, 2009  |  Publications  |  Comments Off

This Peppol report gives an overview of the European Interoperability Framework and its dimensions.

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PEPPOL: the process of enabling cross-border use of eCatalogues

September 7, 2009  |  Adoption, Publications  |  Comments Off

The overall aim of a Peppol document around eCatalogues is to provide interoperable solutions for economic operators in Europe.

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The need for a Common Body of Definitions

September 7, 2009  |  Featured Articles, Publications  |  3 Comments

During an increasingly developing era on e-invoicing, a steadily growing number of documents is -being- produced.

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Research Deutsche Bank: Chasing Paper

August 19, 2009  |  Publications  |  Comments Off

Deutsche Bank Research reports on the European market for e-invoicing services. The paper looks at the diffusion of electronic invoices across Europe.

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Open letter: “Don’t Print” Isn’t “Going Green”

August 11, 2009  |  Adoption, Publications  |  Comments Off

It is increasingly popular to bash the use of paper. The industry is an easy target as everyone uses paper and the presentation of the industry is laughable. An opinion.

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EC: Digital economy can lift Europe out of crisis

August 10, 2009  |  Adoption, Publications  |  Comments Off

The European Commission’s Digital Competitiveness report published today shows that Europe’s digital sector has made strong progress since 2005, making Europe the world leader in broadband internet.

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Report: E-readiness rankings 2009 – The usage imperative

July 23, 2009  |  Adoption, Publications  |  Comments Off

In this and previous e-readiness rankings, the Economist Intelligence Unit has worked in co-operation with the IBM Institute for Business Value. IBM provided feedback on the building and refinement of the rankings model and on the written analysis in the report. The Economist Intelligence Unit, however, is entirely responsible for the rankings and for the content of this white paper.

Analysts position StreamServe as a “Strong Performer”

July 22, 2009  |  Publications  |  Comments Off

StreamServe included among vendors which demonstrate a strong market presence and the ability to meet a broad set of DOCCM needs, according to Forrester Research, Inc.

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Payment systems users warn of risks of SEPA failure

July 22, 2009  |  Adoption, Publications  |  Comments Off

In a critical paper on the Sepa Direct Debit scheme the Payment Systems End User Committee (PS-EUC), says businesses have little incentive to switch to the new payments instrument.

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Presentations CEN/ISSS workshop Brussels June 18th

July 21, 2009  |  Adoption, Events, Publications  |  Comments Off

At June 18th 2009, the CEN/ISSS E-invoice Phase II held an open meeting in Brussels. The purpose of this meeting was to present the public with the more or less final results based on the objectives of this Phase II workshop:

An adoption programme for increased electronic invoicing in European business processes.

1. Compliance of electronic invoice implementations with Council Directive 2001/115/EC and the national legislation regarding electronic invoices;

2. Cost effective authenticity and integrity of electronic invoices and related business documents regardless of formats and technologies;

3. Implementation of compliant electronic invoice systems in using emerging technologies and business processes;

4. A framework for the emerging network infrastructure of ‘invoice operators’ throughout Europe.

These are the presentations that were held during this day.