Tradeshift launches a $3bn factoring business to improve access to cash for SMEs

September 10, 2013  |  Adoption, Credit Management, Electronic Invoicing, Payment  |  Comments Off

As we all know (and feel) there is an urgent need amongst SMEs for cash, liquidity, and for innovation in the financing and lending space which is dominated by dinosaur-like institutions like banks. Thanks to a new funding solution by Capital Aid, TradeShift will be able to fund B2B transactions on the Tradeshift platform across all of Europe with a strong focus on the UK.
The new service provided by CapitalAid will address the cash-flow problems faced by most businesses today, by offering them instant payment on their invoices with a ONECLICK solution covering the entire approval process. The aim is to disrupt the current credit market by offering instant cash against invoices — cheaper & faster than any bank can do today.

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Let Basware take you on a journey to business growth

March 28, 2013  |  Credit Management, Invoice Automation, Publications  |  Comments Off

Two weeks ago, Basware warned you for the four deadly traps in payables. And now the provider of purchase-to-pay solutions literally shows you which route to take for business growth with a very cool infographic. Basware compared 1368 small and medium-sized businesses, and discovered six critical challenges.

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Catlin US fosters growth with Datacert’s Passport

September 19, 2012  |  Credit Management, Legal, North America  |  Comments Off

Did you know that law departments can also get their hands on a Passport? Datacert’s patent-pending Passport system that is. Specialty insurance and reinsurance underwriter Catlin US has cut the knot by implementing Passport’s matter management and legal spend management applications.

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Stop Hoarding your money, start with Dynamic Discounting

May 18, 2012  |  Credit Management, Payment  |  Comments Off

During tight times, the tendency for most organisations is to shore up costs and adopt a myopic approach to conducting business. This is not the way to prepare for, or pull through, a market slowdown. Companies bold enough to embrace such a creative approach can successfully navigate today’s rough waters…

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Behold: the universal right of freedom of choice [COLUMN]

March 2, 2012  |  Credit Management, Featured Articles, Payment  |  Comments Off

A few weeks ago I asked the question why we single-handedly change the contract when it comes to paying an invoice. And why we unanimously accept it? We even accept that suppliers extend their payment terms in terms of crisis. And we even accept to ask for our money, even though the suppliers has committed himself to a legal obligation to pay within the agreed time frame. It is all too weird

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Fears about a double dip are leading companies to hoard cash

January 25, 2012  |  Credit Management, Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Invoice Automation  |  Comments Off

In a volatile and uncertain economy, the supply chain is a company’s secret weapon to put money to work

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Companies maximize cash and minimize risk with Ariba

January 24, 2012  |  Credit Management, Europe, Financial software, Invoice Automation, Payment  |  Comments Off

Buyers and sellers leverage dynamic discounting solution to boost returns on parked capital, mitigate financial and supply risk

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