1Malaysia myemail project provides “push” e-billing

November 1, 2011  |  Asia, Electronic Invoicing, Government

The Star Online mentioned an interesting e-billing project in Malaysia. The 1Malaysia MyEmail project provides a platform that should create a unique and secure communication portal in enhancing the efficiency of direct engagements with the Malaysian Government. So basically, the project is a large scale portal that aims to become a hub for government services. A growing development we see  all over the world.


MyEmail is a large-scale portal development providing services like email, social networking, and online bill checking / payment. Some more information:

  • Types of information in the MyEmail Inbox: Income tax returns, Employee Provident Fund statements, notices of summons, driving license renewals, and quit rent payments.
  • It will be spearheaded by Tricubes, in collaboration with Microsoft.
  • Windows Live is re-skinned for the 1Malaysia Email project. Services include email inbox, online storage, able to create, save and edit Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint are the some of the core offerings of the Windows Live platform.
  • MyEmail service offers 25GB of storage. That’s larger than (free) storage offered by services like Dropbox and Box.net.
  • This is a 10-year project, from now until 2020, with total investment of RM50 million. Initial investment is estimated to reach RM5.3 million.
  • The MyEmail services will be accessible via PCs, notebooks, smart phones and tablets. It also provides development toolkits for others to create applications on its platform. and it is rolled out this year.

MyEmail and e-billing

Part of this project is e-billing, via e-mail. At MyEmail they use push e-billing, whereas (private companies) use the pull version,” a MyEmail spokesperson said. The push system “pushes” bills, statements to customers rather than requiring them to “pull” their bills from billers or third party portals.

Tricubes Bhd, the organisation responsible for MyEmail currently has secured interest from four government agencies of which two will begin to pilot the 1Malaysia myemail project late 2011.

The four are Employees Provident Fund, Road Transport Department, Kuala Lumpur City Hall and Royal Malaysian Police. The target for 2012 is two million users.

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