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From now on, electronic invoicing in Colombia is very simple

The Portuguese technological company Saphety, which recently completed 17 years in the market, thinking about the Colombian companies and SMEs, provides the SaphetyDoc Electronic Invoicing platform that allows the easy to handle and online issuance of financial documents (invoices/ credits and debits), so companies and SMEs can comply with their mandatory duties before the DIAN without any additional investments.

This platform is aimed at those companies that issue a small or moderate number of documents and do not want to invest in the development of electronic invoicing integration with its accounting system. The most striking is its low cost, it is also easy to use and complies with decree 2242 of 2015. It includes functions such as electronic signature, legal filing for 5 years, visualization of the invoice’s status, if it has been received and/or accepted/rejected by the purchaser. The cost is calculated by the number of documents sent monthly, its configuration takes between 5 and 10 minutes and does not require training.

Saphety offers Colombian SMEs the possibility of registering until April 30th of this year, a scenario in which no cost will be charged until December 31st of 2018. The estimated savings of electronic invoicing is between 69% and 80% when compared to the traditional paper process and, above all, it is a more agile process as the delivery of the invoice to the purchaser is immediate. Additionally, companies may in the future, if the invoicing volume needs so, upgrade the service to a scenario of integration with the accounting system.

José Falcato, Colombia’s Saphety country manager;
“our commitment is to help the massification of electronic invoicing in Colombia and, through SaphetyDoc, we want to offer companies, especially small and medium-sized companies and those independent entrepreneurs, the possibility to easily and at a low cost, comply with their mandatory duties, besides having the advantages of an electronic invoicing system that improves processes, reduces the time loss and reduces costs, among others benefits”.

About Saphety

Saphety ( is a leading company in solutions for electronic documents exchange, electronic invoicing and data synchronization amongst companies. Currently, its client portfolio has over 3800 companies and over 140 thousand users throughout more than 37 countries.


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