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Paperless by Sovos product has achieved government certification for compliant e-invoicing in Colombia

Sovos announced that it expanded its global Global tax compliance, reporting and e-invoicing solution to include the newly announced e-invoicing mandate in Colombia, where its Paperless by Sovos product has achieved government certification.

On 29 December 2017, the e-invoicing mandate went into effect in Colombia, requiring all companies to adopt e-invoicing 1 January 2019, at the latest, and up to six months earlier in some cases. Failure to comply can expose businesses to fines and penalties by Colombia’s tax administration (DIAN) and in some cases lead to the closure of businesses.

Sovos is introducing an e-invoicing solution for Colombia that meets the requirements set out by the DIAN, and the Colombian government has certified Sovos as a technology provider. Colombia is the latest country in Latin America to mandate electronic invoicing, a regulatory trend that is sweeping through Latin America and Europe.

The DIAN enforced the e-invoicing mandate after implementing a pilot program to improve procedures, address participant concerns and determine that electronic invoicing systems performed according to its standards.

Aside from certification, Sovos brings a breadth of e-invoicing experience and functionality unmatched in the industry. With more than a decade of experience providing e-invoicing solutions in Latin America and Europe, Sovos already offers solutions in nine Latin American countries, covering multiple protocols.

Those jurisdictions include Brazil and Mexico, the most complex e-invoicing countries in the region. Sovos has been continually expanding its operations in Latin America, with offices in Sao Paulo, Bogotá, Santiago and Lima.

Alfredo Guardiola, managing director for Latin America at Sovos:
“We’ve seen eInvoicing spread with increasing speed in Latin America, and this mandate is just the beginning for businesses working in Colombia. In order to continue normal operations, companies must rapidly evaluate their current processes and technologies to ensure they are compliant in every country in which they operate, and businesses operating in more than one country are now starting to adopt global solutions like Paperless by Sovos to stay ahead.” 

The Sovos Colombia eInvoicing solution is now available. Visit for more information.

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