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Update. A 3rd European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on E-invoicing is on its way

February 8, 2018  |  Cooperation, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Update 8-2-2018:  The European Commission has extended the call for applications to join the European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Electronic Invoicing (EMSFEI) new mandate until 6 March 2018:!yd86Jm

Didn’t you hear? It was all over the news, the publication of the European Commission Decision C(2017) 5580 final of 14.8.2017 on the setting-up of the Third European Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Electronic Invoicing.

The main objective of the EMSFEI is to pave the way for a broad-scale adoption of eInvoicing at national and EU-level according to the Directive 2014/55/EU and the European standard on eInvoicing developed by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN). The Forum creates an unique opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices across borders. It also discusses issues of common interest and may issue recommendations to the European Commission.

And from looking at its tasks, it is a good thing that a major marketing and communications initiative was undertaken to make sure that each and every stakeholder became aware of the this third EMSFEI era.

Monitoring tasks:

  • Assist the Commission in the monitoring and support to the implementation of Directive 2014/55/EU after the adoption of the European Standard on electronic invoicing;
  • Participate in the monitoring of the development of the eInvoicing market and the level of eInvoicing adoption in industry, services and the public sector across the Member States;
  • Monitor the Member States additional requirements for eInvoicing (also paperbased audits), including obligation related to tax reporting, archiving, harmonizing ‘business controls’ in VAT practice, the impact of Directive 2014/55/EU on the reduction of administrative burdens (e.g. time and costs for
    processing payments), etc.;
  • Monitor the level of use of eInvoicing in public procurement across the Union
    and the impact of Directive 2014/55/EU;

Information tasks:

  • Ensure constant flow of information and foster cooperation with the national fora;
  • Organise an exchange of experiences and good practices between the Forum members with a view to facilitate the emergence of inter-operable eInvoicing solutions;
  • Build mutual understanding at Union level on approaches to legal requirements to support the implementation of Directive 2014/55/EU at Member State level;

Advisory tasks:

  • Elaborate advice on implementation of the European standard on electronic invoicing itself as regards the Core Invoices Usage Specifications, Extensions and Registration requirement;
  • Identify problems encountered in particular as regards cross-border transactions and propose appropriate solutions;
  • Contribute with guidelines to supplier enablement/uptake, especially as regards small and medium enterprises;
  • Liaise with the European Forum on e-Procurement for all matters regarding the use of eInvoicing in public procurement and for other matters relevant for end-to-end e-procurement;
  • Advise the Commission on the governance of the relevant Connecting Europe Facility digital service infrastructures and on the ways to make best use of the tools and services designed by Connecting Europe Facility platform (CEF Digital);
  • Elaborate advice on how to reach full automation in the Financial Supply Chain, where eInvoicing and payments are directly linked.

Spoiler alert: because of the bread set of tasks, the European Commission communicates that: “with the aim to have the most relevant EU stakeholders in charge of eInvoicing at policy and implementation levels, DG GROW invites interested private and public stakeholders (representing EU Member States) to submit their application to join the EMSFEI.”

But in order to apply you’d have had to be informed (which didn’t actually happen) and you’d only have had a small window of 4 weeks from the start of the application timeline: from late August 2017 to mid September 2017. No wonder that a quick view at the member lists, shows a 99% resemblance with the 2nd EMSFEI edition.

Somehow, a phrase by Albert Einstein (same say: Henry Ford) keeps coming to mind: “If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” But then again, does anyone care? ;-)


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