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Facturae to include new e-invoicing format version 3.2.2

The rollout of mandatory e-invoicing in Spanish public administrations gives rise to new needs and requires adjustments to make it easier to use for suppliers and administrations.

These modifications require a change in the XML schema used for e-invoicing with public administrations in Spain. Facturae version 3.2.2 includes new data to be implemented by technology providers, so the invoice reception platforms will have to adapt to support this format.

The new features in Facturae version 3.2.2 are:

  1. Inclusion of specific labels for collecting payments in kind, general invoice description, date of issue of corrected invoices.
  2. The contract file reference can be entered at invoice level when the bill refers to a single contract or order.
  3. A new unit, the kilowatt hour (KWh), is added to the unit types table.
  4. HTML format is added to those accepted for documents attached to the invoice.
  5. New fields are included to identify the e-reference of credit assignment documents derived from the invoice, both for the powers of attorney in representation and the transfer agreement per se, which will not need to be attached to the invoice if the Administration or other recipient of the invoice is able to consult them electronically in order, where indicated, to attach them to the expense file.

Facturae EDICOM Solutions for connectivity with public administrations

EDICOM offers different solutions for your Facturae project, depending on the EDI capacity of each company:

  • If you have no EDI / Facturae solution for issuing e-Invoices to public administrations:
    1. Facturae web: A low-cost and swift rollout solution for a lower number of invoices.2. Integrated Facturae: Automates the invoice issuing process, integrating management processes with your ERP.
  • If your EDI solution is not adapted to Facturae for issuing e-Invoices to public administrations
    1. Facturae map: The Facturae schema integrated in your usual XML/EDI solution.
    2. Public Administration HUB: In your Facturae solution, we implement the connection mechanisms needed to issue your electronic invoices for any Public Administration.

Access this interactive map of Facturae to get detailed information on the Facturae status in each Autonomous Community or region. Do you have doubts or queries about e-invoicing with the Administration? These are the questions most frequently asked about Facturae.


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