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CEGEDIM becomes PEPPOL Access Point, opens office in Brussels

December 11, 2017  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Cegedim e-business has joined the PEPPOL (Pan-European Public  Procurement Online) network of EU public sector buyers, which is currently in eight European countries. Cegedim e-business will now be able to send e-invoices to any of the private-sector or public-sector entities in the network.

As a PEPPOL network Access Point, Cegedim e-business continues to expand its electronic data exchange platform at the European level.

The network got its start with the OpenPEPPOL association, founded in 2012 to encourage the standardization of e-procurement procedures in Europe. Members can exchange standards-based electronic orders and invoices over the PEPPOL network using an EDI format1. Today, its members include public administrative services in eight European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, the UK and Sweden.

Patrick Schuller, Business Development Director Cegedim e-business:
“We are excited to be part of this effort to standardize electronic data exchanges across Europe. Electronic invoicing holds tremendous promise for streamlining commercial relationships and enhancing the performance of European companies and administrative services”

Reinforcements for Benelux roll-outs

Cegedim e-business helps companies in every business sector digitalize and automate their B2B processes by drawing on its e-procurement, e-invoicing, and e-signature services.

Cegedim e-business is opening an office in the Brussels metropolitan area – headed by Benelux Area Sales Manager Dirk Debot – to partner with clients implementing these systems in the region and to expand its Benelux network. The new office will also strengthen synergies with other European e-invoicing players in the Brussels-based European E-invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA), of which Cegedim is a founding member.

Widespread adoption of e-invoicing by 2020

Digitalized data exchanges are growing in Europe: 1,615 million e-invoices were sent in 2016, a substantial 29% increase over 2015 volumes (see the EESPA release of September 27, 2017). Aiming for widespread e-invoicing adoption by 2020, the 2014 European public procurement directive encourages public-sector entities in EU countries to implement e-invoicing. Some national administrative services now require their suppliers to invoice electronically. For example, by 2020 France will require that every invoice sent to public sector entities be submitted electronically via CHORUS PORTAIL PRO – which can be accessed using the same Cegedim e-business portal and has already processed 9 million invoices since January 1, 2017.

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