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EDICOM is accredited as a European eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider!

December 4, 2017  |  Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Government

The Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda has certified EDICOM as Qualified Trust Service Provider in accordance with EU Regulation 910/2014known as eIDAS. For a trusted service provider to be qualified, a supervisory body must determine its ability to operate in this capacity.  In the case of Spain, the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society.

This certification at European level acknowledges EDICOM as Trusted Third Party, with the certifications and technical capacity necessary to provide the trust mechanisms required for electronic transactions.

In particular, the services accredited as qualified are as follows:

  • Qualified digital signature e-certificate issuing service;
  • Qualified digital seal e-certificate issuing service;
  • Qualified electronic time stamp issuing service;
  • Qualified safekeeping service for qualified electronic seals.

The eIDAS regulation

The eIDAS regulation creates a cross-border legal framework that ensures interoperability of electronic identification mechanisms across all EU member states. The aim is to remove barriers and grant validity to electronic identification and signature systems so that both natural and legal persons can use their e-identification in any country of the European Union.

Upon receipt of this certification, EDICOM’s qualified services will be signalled by the EU trust mark for qualified services.

Certified long-term archiving

The digital transformation in business is progressing at an unstoppable pace and relies on the existence of technological solutions able to facilitate this leap. In this case, the application of trust services equates e-documents to the traditional ones on paper. In the case of electronic archiving, to preserve the legal condition of documents and files processed with qualified trust services, secure digital safekeeping will be necessary.

Thanks to certification by the qualified preservation service for qualified electronic seals, EDICOM has the capacity to preserve the legal conditions of documents and files archived with assurances of authenticity and integrity over time. EDICOM is the first company certified by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda to offer a long-term electronic archiving service under the eIDAS certification for the entire European Union.

EDICOMLta is a platform certified for the safekeeping of e-documents for the period of time required by companies or set by the legislation in each case. The solution ensures permanent access and retrieval of 100% of documents uploaded to the platform, as well as managing proofs evidencing the integrity of stored documents.

For a better understanding of how the EDICOMLta solution works, we have drawn up a guide including an annex with three case studies on electronic archiving of VAT books, Human Resources department documents and e-invoices addressed to the Administration.

Download our free Expert Analysis Regulation EU 910/2014: the case of electronic archiving. (Available in Spanish)

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