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Turkish retail giants move into more digitization as per TRA permit

Pursuant to General Communiqué #483 of the Turkish Revenue Administration published in the Official Gazette #30196, obligations for usage of “new generation” online fiscal cash registers (“FCR”) and mandatory receipts has been readjusted for taxpayers in organized retail sales sector. Latest technical specifications of the FCR daily reports have been published on 27/11/2017.

Briefly, to obtain exemption from new generation FCR usage obligations and move into more paperless environment the following rules should be observed.

  • Taxpayers should meet 2 of the following criteria:
    • meet or exceed 10 mio TRY gross turnover as at 2016 fiscal year-end,
    • exceed 10 mio TRY in assets,
    • exceed 1 mio TRY in equity or equity capital
  • Own 20 or more registered FCRs as of 30/09/2017
  • Be a user of Turkish e-invoice & e-ledger systems before 01/01/2018.
    • For complete non-use of FCR, additionally be a user of Turkish “e-ar?iv” (e-bill) systems before 01/01/2018
  • TRA stresses the requirement reports are to be kept reachable online at all times, should TRA ask for immediate inspection.
  • Be ready to send out FCR transaction data in selected or decreed frequency in format required and set forth by TRA, or use able and licensed service providers. FCR transaction data is to be sent to TRA via Turkish e-ar?iv systems report sending webservices.
  • Keep all related data as per TRA data archival requirements, or use able and licensed service providers.
  • Taxpayers may opt to
    • keep their “old generation” FCRs until fiscal memory dongles are full
    • or completely remove FCR usage by moving 100% to e-invoicing & e-bill (“e-ar?iv”)

Turkish taxpayers that meet requirements are to apply online to the TRA before 01/01/2018 to obtain fficial permit. For those not meeting such criteria new generation FCRs are to be set up at all points-of-sale.

Rely on the expertise of eFinans

eFinans has all licenses, prepared its systems and services to meet this new step in Turkish digitization. Moreover it has setup business and technical integrations with all major FCR producers including but not limited to Barsoft, CS Grup, Diebold Nixdorf, Interpos, NCR, Toshiba GCS, Verifone.

eFinans was founded in 2013 by QNB Finansbank and Cybersoft’s partnership. eFinans understands the necessities of Turkish taxpayers in digitization and presents quality-based compliant services with its creative, innovative, and highly-secure electronic applications. In collaboration with 140+ integrated software companies, eFinans offers online solutions to its customers in e-Invoice integration, e-Invoice service provision, e-Invoice archival, e-Ledger, e-Archive (e-bills), registered electronic mail (REM) services together with banking services at its e-Trade portal Finans Yildizi. Growing stronger with its European business partners, eFinans is the first Turkish member of EESPA and the first Turkish collaborator of the Billentis Report in 2014, 2015 and 2016. eFinans continues its work on new applications such as e-Dispatch to be made official by the Turkish RA.

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