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Introducing our latest sponsor: Logo E-business

We are pleased to introduce to you our latest sponsor: Logo E-business. With Logo e-Business solutions, you can quickly and confidently manage your financial processes and data transfers with your e-Government processes, suppliers, users or other companies.

e-Logo is Turkey’s most preferred digital transformation solution partner with 25% market share. e-Logo provides excellent service to all companies from smallest enterprises to large enterprise customers in its customer portfolio with the help of its infrastructure that can be integrated with all ERP and software, expert staff and customer focused service structure.

Products with high-quality standards which e-Invoice, e-Archive invoice, e-Ledger, e-Dispatch Note, e-Reconciliation, e-Statement (MT 940), Logopay, Connect Bank, Connect B2B in every sector such as e-commerce, retail, energy, health, production, and its services enable customers to manage their digital transformation processes quickly and easily. It aims to enable your customers to manage more efficiently at lower costs and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

It also enables its customers to execute their digital processes in compliance with the Revenue Administration  (GIB) with the infrastructure that adapts quickly to new legislation such as e-Dispatch Note, e-Freelance invoice.

Why e-Logo?

  • Leader in Digital Transformation
    Many leading companies in the industry prefer e-Logo for digital Transformation (>13,000 customers, approximately 25% market share)
  • Tailor Made Work Solutions
    e-Logo creates customized solutions tailored to the needs of its customers, enabling them to make a difference.
  • Customer Focused
    e-Logo offers fast solutions for all kinds of problems of more than 13,000 customers with expert staff and high quality of service
  • ERP Independent Excellent Service
    e-Logo also provides services outside the Logo ecosystem with the infrastructure that can be integrated with all ERP and software.
  • Sectoral Solutions
    It also creates customized solutions, considering the changing needs of its customers on a sectoral basis.
  • Quick Compliance with Legal Updates
    With its rapidly adapting infrastructure to new or changing legal regulations, it enables you to execute your digital processes in harmony with the Revenue Administration (GIB).

More information

Key Account Manager
Phone: +905304667856


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