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Denmark connects NemHandels to PEPPOL in 2019

November 23, 2017  |  Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Interoperability

More and more countries in Europe are introducing e-invoicing legal requirements in line with e-Procurement Directive 2014/55/EU, which states that by 2019, Member States must ensure that contracting authorities and public bodies are able to receive and process electronic invoices.

Since 2005, it has been mandatory for all Danish government authorities to be able to receive and send invoices electronically via the NemHandel network. The Danish Digitisation Board (Digitaliseringsstyrelsen), which is in charge of the development of e-invoicing to the public sector in Denmark, has decided to connect NemHandel to the PEPPOL network in 2019. The purpose of this is to promote interoperability with other EU countries, thus creating better conditions for trade and digital cooperation between Member States.

The transition means that all companies and organisations registered in NemHandel (more than 51,000 in the public and private sectors) will be automatically registered in PEPPOL in 2019. Thereafter, these companies can start sending e-invoices to all other registered recipients in all countries using PEPPOL, provided that the operator they use is an approved PEPPOL access point.

Pagero’s experience with PEPPOL goes way back and it is an approved access point in every country where PEPPOL has been introduced. This means that in 2019, all our Danish customers will get access to a large international network of companies and organisations that are connected to PEPPOL.

Bryan Lindenskjold, Country Manager, Pagero Denmark:
“We’re seeing increased interest in PEPPOL from both our existing clients and other Danish businesses. For our clients outside Denmark, the change means that they can quickly and easily connect with their Danish recipients and send e-invoices in standard format to them. We have already performed tests between Danish hospitals and their suppliers with great success.”

Please contact Bryan Lindenskjold for more details:
Bryan Lindenskjold, Country Manager, Pagero Denmark, phone +45-5360 3711 (


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