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Paperless by Sovos first authorized solution for Peruvian real-time tax validation

November 9, 2017  |  Accounting, Compliance, Latin America

The National Superintendence of Tax Administration (SUNAT) has identified a select group of technology providers – termed Operators of Electronic Services (OSE) – to validate and authorize all invoices submitted by Peruvian companies. The goal is to further close tax loopholes and promote tax compliance across the country. Paperless by Sovos, a major provider of e-receipts and e-documents solution in Latin America, was announced as the first provider to be named as an OSE.

Currently, more than 53,000 companies in Peru utilize electronic invoices to comply with tax rules in real time, but the SUNAT’s goal is to enroll 90,000 more small and mid-size companies in e-invoice compliance by 2018. To make the transition as smooth as possible, the certified OSE’s will help lead this charge.

In order to become an OSE, Paperless by Sovos successfully completed the necessary measures required by the SUNAT, including securing ISO 27001 certification, complying with international standards in information security systems, demonstrating a high level of experience and service, and much more.

In the new OSE-model, companies will be required to submit electronic fiscal documents to their designated OSE directly. Utilizing Paperless by Sovos, the largest processor of e-receipts and e-invoicing transaction in Latin America, companies report increased productivity by spending less time processing invoices, as well as savings of nearly 60 percent from cutting back the costs of printing, mailing and packaging paper invoices.

Peru is one of 10 countries worldwide leading the implementation and use of electronic invoicing. With the rapid pace of globalization, the government is leveraging technology to close tax loopholes and make the shift toward real-time, detailed tax reporting and e-invoicing.

Alfredo Guardiola, CEO of Paperless:
“We are proud to have been named the first OSE, as this achievement not only strengthens our relationship with SUNAT, but also directly benefits our customers. We’re at the forefront of regulatory changes imposed by the governments across Latin America, and we will continue to enhance the processing of electronic tax documents for our clients, offering them greater speed, security and scalability while ensuring they stay compliant.”

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