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Five reasons why Connexxion choose Order2Cash

September 25, 2017  |  Electronic Invoicing, Payment

Marvin Koopmans is Team Leader Invoicing & Debtor Management at Connexxion, one of the Netherland’s largest public transport companies. When asked, he describes the Order2Cash platform as: “Everything related to invoicing in one platform. That’s efficient.”

  1. One single software solution to service all company divisions

    “Connexxion is a large company. Our organisation is divided across 30 different business units, covering Buses, Taxis, Ambulances and more. Being so fragmented, we were finding it difficult to obtain a clear overview of our day-to-day billing activities. To give you an example: We had over 50 different invoice layouts in place across the business. Just handling and executing the invoicing process alone was costing us way too much time and effort. Thanks to Order2Cash, we have been able to standardise our entire billing process, implementing fixed template layouts to speed up the invoice generation process in particular.”

  2. Order2Cash works seamlessly with other software solutions and invoice networks

    “What’s also good, is that Invoice2Deliver has an extensive interoperability network. Some of our customers require invoices to be delivered to specific invoice networks, like Basware. This used to cost us a lot of time and effort to facilitate. Thanks to Order2Cash we’ve been able to eradicate that manual work completely.”

  3. Overybody understands how it works

    “The Order2Cash platform itself allows us to work much closer and more quickly with our clients. The system itself is so intuitive and easy to use, you can log in and do your work without explanation. That’s great for us and our customers.”

  4. No more paperwork. Literally

    “Within a year of going live, we have been able to convert over 80% of our B2B business to e-Invoicing. We don’t have to handle large amounts of physical mail, which saves us a lot of time.”

  5. Deeper insight into the invoicing process and performance

    “We wanted to gain a more detailed insight into our ongoing performance. Order2Cash gives us that, making it easier to report to management on progress and performance. Our billing process is now much simpler and totally transparent. With everything standardized through a single platform, we can instantly drill down to the activity within each entity. Having an electronic archive of all invoices at our disposal is a real boon. We can provide every single piece of information a customer needs in one email. That’s a major step forward for us.”


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