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Introducing: the E-invoicing Yearbook 2017 - Q1 [Free download]

Introducing: the E-invoicing Yearbook 2017 – Q1 [Free download]

We hereby introduce to you the E-invoicing Yearbook 2017 – Q1. Our daily search for content regarding e-invoicing, AP automation and e-procurement lead to over 2,000 posts, published the past eight years.

On average, the E-invoicing Platform publishes ten posts per week, and dozens of tweets. Our posts are both user generated content from our sponsors, as well as content from other valuable sources.

This content is also published on Twitter, on LinkedIN and on Google (News). And every other week, the posts get extra attention via our newsletter, with currently over 8,900 recipients in 100+ countries.

As each post is interesting and newsworthy by itself, this is increased when we sort these posts in the sections underneath. In the first quarter of 2017 alone we published 103 posts sorted into these categories:

  • Featured providers
  • Opinions
  • Mandatory and compliant e-invoicing
  • Interoperability and standardisation (in Europe)
  • Case studies
  • News in general
  • Downloads, infographics and more
  • Beyond e-invoicing: innovative and new services
  • Acquisitions, mergers and funding
  • Around the globe

Download the free ‘E-invoicing Yearbook – Q1’ right now, right here [PDF, 112 pages]

After each quarter of the year has ended, the E-invoicing Yearbook will be updated with new content, building a picture through the year of how the world of e-invoicing is progressing.

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