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Introducing S4FN – Solutions for Finance in SAP

We are excited to introduce to you our latest sponsor: S4FN – Solutions for Finance in SAP. S4FN is all about e-transformation services to create SAP add-ons on ERP systems for financial solutions. Their main consideration is at SAP financial applications, adaptation of process and compatible integration.

Real-Time e-Invoicing Management Solutions for SAP
S4FN developed an add-on software for SAP to support e-Invoicing regulations and standards. The S4FN SII SAP add-on is the solution for Immediate Information Sharing System for Spain. By providing a SAP solution for SII we enabled to manage all SII actions within SAP environment

Download the S4FN SII presentation here.

Accounting Transaction Report Management Solutions for SAP
SAF-T stands for Standard Audit File for Taks and is meant for the efficient transfer of accounting data from companies to tax authorities. S4FN has developed SAF-T solutions for generating reports for government regulations.

S4FN developed an SAF-T add-on solution for France, Poland, Norway, Lithuania, Hungary. Allowing you to manage those official reports completely in your SAP environment.

Download the S4FN SAF-T presentation here.

e-Invoicing for Turkey
S4FN has developed SAP e-invoicing add-ons dealing with Turkish regulations from within a SAP environment. For more info contact[at]

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