Interesting: country and region based e-invoicing compliance charts

April 24, 2017  |  Compliance, Electronic Invoicing

When you follow de e-invoicing developments on social media, you probably have come accros an initiative by Esker, called the country e-invoicing compliance charts and region based compliance charts. They are based on the 2016 Whitepaper by Trustweaver, called: Tax Compliant Global Electronic Invoicing Lifecycle Management, the Trustweaver Compliance Map and the Billentis report.

Underneath is an example of how the chart for France looks like, with information about:

  • whether e-invoicing is mandatory or not
  • whether the buyer’s consent is required
  • the way proof about authenticity and integrity is guaranteed
  • storage requirements
  • public administration details
  • e-invoicing market maturity


And underneath is the chart for the Latin American region, with information about:

  • e-invoicing adoption state
  • trends
  • most advanced countries
  • region specifics
  • e-invoicing market adoption


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