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Introducing: UnifiedPost, from document exchange to single click payments

We are happy that UnifiedPost has once again become a sponsor of the E-invoicing Platform. UnifiedPost was founded in 2000 and has grown very swiftly over the last years. UnifiedPost started as a platform for document management. Over the years, UnifedPost has acquired several companies creating the group of companies it is today.

UnifiedPost employs over 200 people working across Europe on a BPaaS platform based upon the basic components Document, Payment, Identity, all available in their own community.

UnifiedPost is built on the belief that by focusing on smart Fintech solutions, platforms and ecosystems, creates broad business opportunities that matter.

The use of digital technologies transforms these conventional business processes. However, research shows that over 70% of these digital transformation initiatives fail, resulting in increased costs and unhappy customers. UnifiedPost upgrades these critical businesses processes by changing the way people work. Our solutions allow businesses to pay, sign and view invoices, documents, contracts, payments and bills via one single integrated, secure, cloud-based solution.

Unlike other companies, UnifiedPost has developed a unique portfolio of technology-driven business optimisation solutions in a cloud-based SaaS model for both (large) corporates and SMEs that optimise the entire financial supply chain, with a special focus on e-identity, documents, payments and apps. UnifiedPost has a double digit growth rate and currently manages over 200 million documents per year.

Recently, UnifiedPost Group successfully completed a capital increase by a group of Belgian investors to support the further European growth. UnifiedPost simplifies critical business processes by fully exploiting digital technology, giving businesses the freedom to focus on what they do best while also enabling them to expand their business.

Products and solutions:

  • Business processes optimization
  • Multi-channel document processing & delivery,
  • Payment processing solutions,
  • E-invoicing
  • E-archiving,
  • Financial supply chain,
  • Management of credits and accounts receivable,
  • Electronic identity and document signing



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