EDICOM signs interoperability agreement in Australia and Brazil

March 23, 2017  |  Australia, edi, Interoperability

For the first time, EDICOM has forged an interconnection agreement with an Australian company, B2BE DE, taking yet another step forward in EDICOM’s consolidation as one of the furthest reaching EDI companies in the international scope. Founded in 1998, B2BE DE is a technology solutions provider specializing in EDI and B2B with an international presence.

In Brazil, SINTEL is the latest firm to sign up to the various interconnection agreements held by EDICOM. Sintel is an IT company specializing in logistics management and EDI. EDICOMNet, one of the leading private networks for electronic data interchange among businesses, provides connectivity with the main retail sector trading partners in Brazil, such as: DIA Brazil, Wall Mart, Carrefour, GPA Grupo Pão de Açucar, Zona Sul, Covabra, Roldão, Ricoy, Irmão Muffato, Supermercado ABC, Supermercado Bahamas, Sonda…etc.

Interconnection agreements with these companies include the exchange of any commercial message: everything from e-invoices to purchase orders or despatch advices. This enables customers of both companies to exchange their EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) messages without any limitation by volume or format.

EDICOMNet, one of the world’s most powerful VANs

These agreements between the major value-added networks worldwide are needed to provide a better and more complete service to EDI technology users. At EDICOM, our value-added network EDICOMNet is now one of the most powerful worldwide, thanks to its high degree of interoperability.

EDICOMNet offers global interoperability

EDICOM maintains more than 40 interconnections with the main VANs worldwide. They include GXS, Sterling Commerce, Nubridges, Intesa, Easy Link, Neogrid and Tivit, among others. This way, our clients have global interoperability guaranteed with practically any trading partner.

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