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Integrated Payables: why holistic AP transformation is the best path forward [download]

The big question for AP departments is no longer if AP should be automated but rather when AP automation solutions can be deployed and how quickly they can be mastered. Download this white paper for a clear blueprint of the technology, expertise, and resources that come together for a successful AP transformation.

A holistic approach to mastering the payables function incorporates and prioritizes the requirements of all AP stakeholders. Learn how to do it. Discover the performance advantages of running a best-in-class AP department, including:

  • 81% lower cost to process a single invoice
  • 77% faster time to process a single invoice
  • 92% lower cost to process a single supplier payment
  • 275% higher percentage of suppliers that submit invoices electronically

Download the white paper today and begin the holistic journey to taking your AP from tactical to strategic.

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