Introducing our latest sponsor: B2B Router / Invinet Systems

B2BRouter is a simple online solution provided by Invinet that enables companies to send electronic documents through the Pan-European PEPPOL network, recommended by public administrations in Europe and mandated by the Department of Health in England.

For SME suppliers, you can set up your clients on the B2BRouter portal, receive notices of incoming PEPPOL orders by email, flip orders into outbound PEPPOL invoices and send them through the PEPPOL network, at the touch of a button, for a small annual fee.

For your non-PEPPOL clients, you can create electronic invoices in several structured formats such as Svefaktura, OIOUBL, Facturae, UBL, or GS1 and also non-structured formats such as PDF and submit them by email for free. B2BRouter also provides a platform to share your invoices and payment information with your providers in a synchronized way.

Companies can simplify the overall invoicing process, provide easy access for your staff, reduce handling costs, save on paper, print and postal costs. Integrate your invoices in your accountant information system.

B2B Router key functionalities

  • Convert
    B2B ROUTER has the capability to convert documents from any format to any other format.
  • Validate
    B2B ROUTER validates de required information and provides a system to alert administrators about possible content errors in the documents.
  • Sign
    B2B ROUTER provides electronic signature capabilities that guarantees the preservation of the integrity of documents being exchanged.
  • Connect
    B2B ROUTER is a multichannel business system that connects to any company through any electronic channel.
  • Real time
    B2B ROUTER is always updated with any new transformers, channels, or formats that become standard in the market.

For more information:

Oriol Bausà Peris – CEO
Phone: +34639465171





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