Swiss Post Solutions and TrustWeaver announce global compliance partnership

February 28, 2017  |  Compliance, Cooperation, Electronic Invoicing

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), a global full-service provider in physical and digital document management, and TrustWeaver, specialist in E-Invoicing compliance, today announced a global partnership.

The alliance allows SPS to support its customers with legally compliant issuing and receiving of E-invoices in countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas where cloud based compliance services are permitted.

Impact of Trustweaver’s Compliance Map for SPS

TrustWeaver’s Cloud-based solutions are designed to solve organizations’ compliance and trust challenges in a fully automated manner through a single technical interface. The company’s unique ‘Compliance Map’ enhances E-Invoicing processes by applying long-term verifiable E-Signatures, E-Seals, and time-stamps, in accordance with the applicable law for the supplier and the buyer.

With TrustWeaver’s compliance technology, SPS extends its ability to minimize its clients’ risk through automated solutions. Enterprises and their vendors will be able to meet all legal requirements for E-Invoicing integrity and authenticity, thanks to a Cloud-based compliance system, which is fully integrated with SPS’ automated Omni-Channel end-to-end document management platform.

Trading partners will no longer need to worry about legal monitoring and change management, even when located in different countries, because TrustWeaver’s cloud-based solutions are always packaged with the requisite legal and functional documentation. SPS’ clients will be able to further streamline their invoicing processes, and enhance their business relationships, by using a compliance-driven automated system that builds trust between the supplier and client.

The adoption of TrustWeaver by SPS reflects the move to embed automation where it enhances performance in processes. TrustWeaver’s compliance services are a valuable addition to Swiss Post Solutions’ Omni-Channel platform, which provides end-to-end management using high-level data processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation, to integrate front and back office processes without changing the client’s existing IT landscape. SPS’ Omni-Channel capability digitally transforms and enhances all inbound and outbound communications, enabling organizations to meet customer demands for immediate and accurate responses without increasing resources or IT costs.

Kerri Fabre, SPS Head of Transformation Management – Document Output:
“The TrustWeaver solution meets the demand for a single, centralized system to address the problems raised by the introduction of mandatory E-Billing in Europe and the adoption of real-time controls by tax administrations. It enables fast and above all compliant roll out of invoice fulfilment across multiple legal entities for our international clients. By automating the traditionally labor intensive compliance process, our clients can free up valuable skilled resources and eliminate the element of risk,”

Stina Treven, CEO of TrustWeaver:
“We’re thrilled that our unique combination of technical and legal expertise is now available to SPS customers. SPS’ service philosophy and modern solution architecture made it easy for our services to be completely embedded without any need for SPS customers to adapt their systems or processes,”


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