Govein E-invoice: implementing the new EU e-invoice standard in Public Health Care

GOVeIN is a research project funded by Connecting Europe Facility programme, with an aim to ease the adoption of the e-invoicing by public and private entities in the health sector. The project with duration of 13 months (1 Oct. 2016 – 31 Oct. 2017) and a total budget of 1.1 Mill/€ brings together the main actors related to the cross-border exchange of electronic invoice in the Public Health area, including hospital trusts and laboratories.

To solve the whole complexity related to intercommunication and data integration, the consortium is coordinated by EDICOM, as Certification Authority and qualified trust service provider (according to EU Regulation 910/2014), and will employ the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform, used by more than 15.000 companies all over the world.

EDICOM will also implement a multi-syntax solution able to handle e-invoicing in multiple standards, according to the needs of each participant with their own ERP systems and the specifications detailed in the European regulation, in order to achieve semantically interoperable electronic documents in the EU scope. The project is also based on the PEPPOL specifications considering that all participants will use a Peppol Access Point to communicate with others to exchange the electronic invoices.

More information on the GoveIn website

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