Turkish export and tax-free e-invoices have to go through the TRA’s systems

Pursuant to Turkish Revenue Authority’s General Communiqué #461 announced in the Official Gazette dated 25/12/2015, that Turkish firms who are obliged to use e-invoicing shall also issue (1) touristic tax-free invoices and (2) merchandise export invoices via the Turkish Revenue Authority’s e-invoicing systems. This obligation shall start at all customs (including international airports) of Turkey on 01/01/2017.

Despite the legal aspect, technical issues have been in drafts for quite some time. These technical details (in Turkish) have been announced on 03/11/2016.

e-Invoice users who also used the e-Archive system (Turkish e-Bill) were previously obliged to issue export and tax-free invoices via the e-archive system shall continue all such invoice issuing over to the e-invoicing system.

For more information

For more information please contact eFinans at international@efinans.com.tr & +90(212)3704200. eFinans has prepared its services to cater this need with its vast knowledge coming from its esteemed partner in tax-free business Global Blue and its main shareholder Cybersoft who also serves the Turkish Revenue Authority in the creation and maintenance of e-invoice infrastructure.

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