E-invoice believed to have been used for ransom ware attack

November 9, 2015  |  Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Legal

The website ‘Herald Scotland’ mentioned that an Scottish hairdressing firm says it is now believed  an electronic invoice may have been used by cyberattacker extortionists in a hack of their system, which led them to pay a 1000 euro ransom.

Fortunately no personal details of his 3000 clients had been compromised but that the attack could lose them thousands of pounds worth of business due to deleted data on a system used to store appointments, wage details, client histories, stock information, business monitoring and marketing information.

A Ellen Conlin spokesman said: “The police also believe that the ‘bug’ or ‘virus’ may have come into the system from a hacked supplier sending electronic invoices.”

The firm now have an upgraded website security package for which creates automated reports of website traffic from out of the UK.

Ellen Conlin said they have changed passwords, backed up all computers data, created hard copies of systems and “started to promote online safety with staff being more careful about what they do and don’t do online” as well as additional external, removable, daily backup.

Mr Mains said: “For our small business it’s a challenge to stay up to date with the constantly evolving digital market – investing heavily, we really push to make the salon accessible on mobile, tablet and laptop having recently launched a rewards mobile app so customers can benefit from every visit.

“Other than the obvious of having secure passwords and email addresses, you aren’t even aware of other vulnerabilities until hackers strike. We are now taking steps to become safer online as a business and thinking about the social media sites and the software subscriptions we are using too.”

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