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Vodafone Albania trade-off: 1 GB/month free Internet with e-invoice

September 24, 2015  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing
Personally, this how it should be done. Instead of punishing your customers when they are not prepared to swallow your e-receipt, e-bill or e-invoice, you reward them with benefits. And the way Vodafone Albania puts things together is, well….quite generous. mentioned that Vodafone Albania invited its customers to register for the electronic invoice, provided free of charge. The electronic bill enables customers to pay online using credit or debit card and they can also access their bill, the billing history and many other options. All those who register will also get, free of charge, 1 GB per month, as long as they use the electronic invoice service.
Yes, you read it: as long as they use the electronic invoice service.

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