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Basware inks e-invoicing deal with Belgian technology federation Agoria

Basware has secured a new e-invoicing agreement with Belgian technology federation Agoria. To starting in January 2015 with broadcasting all invoices electronically. After that, the entire purchase invoice processing will be automated. The aim is to simplify administration and reduce costs, while improving member satisfaction.

As an industry federation for the technology sector in Belgium, Agoria has always played a leading role in promoting electronic invoicing, for instance by signing the e-invoicing protocol with Belgian Minister Chastel in 2013. Naturally, the technology federation could not lag behind and decided to automate its own invoicing process for both sending and receiving invoices. The aim is to simplify administration and reduce costs, while improving member satisfaction.

First: full outbound e-invoicing

The switch to automated invoice processing will be made in several phases. During the first phase, the outgoing invoice flow will be improved. First items on the agenda are the technical implementation and the communication to Agoria’s 1,700 members. All members will be contacted and encouraged to move from the current quarterly paper invoice to fully electronic invoicing or invoicing by email.

As of January 2015, Agoria will send all invoices electronically to the Basware Commerce Network. Depending on the preference of the addressee, Basware will streamline the invoice process to deliver a paper invoice, an e-mail invoice or an electronic invoice to the customer. The aim is obviously to reduce the share of paper invoices as quickly as possible.

Next: automating the flow of purchase invoices

After the outgoing invoices, the incoming invoice flow will be automated. The goal is again to switch to electronic invoicing in the long run. Initially, Agoria will keep scanning and processing all received paper invoices internally. The received PDF invoices will be converted to electronic invoices through Basware’s e-Invoice Email Lite. This way the data quality can be ensured and errors prevented.

Pieter Geeraerts, Country Manager for Basware Belgium:
Our e-invoicing solutions make it easier to process invoice sending and receiving even for small or medium enterprises (SMBs). Agoria is the perfect example; with an estimated 8,000 outgoing and 8,000 incoming invoices per year, it can be considered a large SMB. We are very happy to see them move to e-invoicing as they will be able to experience at first hand the added value it provides.”

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