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Everything you need to know about Facturae [video]

As of 15 January 2015, B2G e-invoicing will be compulsory in Spain for Public Administration suppliers and service providers. This technological leap, taking place under the Facturae model, involves major changes in day to day business and means significant cost savings.

To help roll out Facturae more smoothly, EDICOM has developed an information campaign in response to the doubts and queries from suppliers affected by the Law 25/2013. A few months ago, EDICOM set up, a website that focuses all our knowledge on electronic invoicing with the Public Administration, the latest news in this area, solutions to get the most out of it and some essential documents.

Along the same lines, EDICOM made a video that sums up in just 2 minutes everything you need to know about Facturae before taking the technological leap. In it, Miguel Soler, Pre-sales Department Manager from EDICOM, explains Spanish B2G e-invoicing, what its advantages are and how to ignite adoption.

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