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CloudTrade doubles in size each year through channel partner alliances

CloudTrade has experiencing rapid growth through their strategic channel partnerships. In fact, CloudTrade impressively doubled in size for the last two years in a row. CloudTrade actively launched in 2011 and in that short space of time has gained a reputation thanks to a combination of advanced patent-pending technology and working in collaboration with key strategic partners.

That allowed them to accelerate growth – in just three years of active trading CloudTrade has gone live with over 80 end-customers across the globe.

The succes of CloudTrade

CloudTrade provides a non-disruptive way for trading partners to send electronic invoices, orders and other business documents, straight in to the processing application used by the company. E-invoicing was supposed to put an end to paper in the finance department, yet this has not been realised.

By removing the barriers to e-invoicing, CloudTrade typically achieves upwards of 90% supplier adoption rates, rates unheard of with traditional e-invoicing solutions. Through the use of their unique technology they can impressively state that CloudTrade converts more suppliers to e-invoicing, and in a shorter time frame, than any other service provider.

Richard Manson, Chief Commercial Officer :

  • “CloudTrade works with a range of partners of all different sizes, covering the full spectrum of markets, Taulia and m-hance are but two examples. For our partners, CloudTrade typically forms an important part of a wider P2P or e-trading offering. No technology can be the best in every area and we don’t try to be; we focus on our core e-invoice technology and sit alongside the best in breed complimentary services. This enables our partners to offer the best comprehensive service to their customers and ensure continued business growth”.
  •  “E-invoicing solutions have fallen short of the mark. Suppliers have been expected to provide EDI or XML files which just isn’t viable for any but the largest suppliers. The solution then offered to smaller suppliers was to use a web-portal but this meant duplicate effort for all suppliers using their own accounting system”.
  • “CloudTrade takes a different approach; suppliers need only to send their invoices or other documents in PDF format, which the majority of accounting systems have the ability to do – so no duplicate effort and no additional cost. CloudTrade extracts the data directly from the PDF, without the use of OCR, which means we achieve 100% accuracy every time. We then deliver this data as an e-invoice in whatever format required by the customer’s end system.”

  • “We focus on being the leaders of high adoption e-invoicing services.  We understand that our service – though a critical component – can be just one element of a wider P2P or e-trading proposition.  This is why we focus on working with partner organisations where we add value to the propositions they already offer.

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