1, 2 and 3… Migrate from CFD to CFDI in three easy steps!

As of January 1, 2014, the Digital Tax Invoice via Internet (CFDI) replaces the former e-Invoice (CFD) as the mandatory electronic invoicing model in Mexico. The new regulation obliges all taxpayers who generate revenue of more than $ 250,000 annually to adhere to the CFDI, and relieves the issuers of having to administer serial and folio numbers or make monthly invoice declarations.

Are you one of the taxpayers currently still working with the CFD schema? Well, then you must change over to the new electronic billing model as of 1 January 2014!! In this post EDICOM briefly explains how to migrate your invoicing solution quickly and safely in just three easy steps:


Electronic identification

You must have an advanced electronic signature (FIEL) and a Digital Seal certificate (CSD) to provide mechanisms that certify the identity of the invoice issuer. The FIEL and CSD of CFD issuers are valid means of identification in the CFDI schema and do not require any kind of updating.


Contracting a PAC

The CFDI schema stipulates engaging the services of an Authorized Certification Provider (PAC), responsible for certifying your electronic invoices and declaring them to the SAT, an indispensable requirement for them to be deemed legally valid for tax purposes. EDICOM is the first Certified PAC in Mexico and electronic notary of the country’s largest companies.


Creating PAC connectivity

Prior to sending the invoices to the recipient, they must be delivered to your PAC to be certified and have the “Electronic Stamp” recorded on them, before sending them back to be forwarded to your customers.
Make sure that the communication channel used with your PAC for sending the invoices is fast, secure and reliable. Remember that only those CFDI bearing the electronic Stamp from an accredited PAC are valid for tax purposes.

Source: http://www.edicomgroup.com/en_US/news/3201

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