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Looking for exposure? But not a member? This is your chance

April 14, 2014  |  Featured Articles, Uncategorized

Some of the many (branding/exposure) features we offer to our members are now also available to non-members. That way your organisation benefits from what the E-invoicing Platform has to offer, without having to become a member right away.

Post your event in our event calendar. Put a news item on the homepage of the E-invoicing Platform website, and make it stick for a week or two weeks. Or add it to our weekly newsletter.  Perhaps you fancy a  banner on the homepage for a month or even three months. Go ahead and see what we’ve got in store for you!

This article consists of three parts:

A. How it works
B. Our menu items: a overview of what we have to offer
C. Make your pick: the actual form

A. How it works

This is how it works. First, read through our menu and decide what to pick. Then, head over to our submission form at the bottom and here, and select the items of your liking. The total amount is calculated right away at bottom of the submission form. Fill out your contact details, the content that needs to be distributed and any other additional information.  Then select your preferred payment method: we prefer Paypal!

All payments are prepaid: payment in advance. As soon as we receive your payment, we get to work. The selected items will be online in 24 hours.

B. What’s on the menu


News/product/customer/company/etc news item

€ 25 – LinkedIN group + Twitter [A]
Your item gets published as a discussion in our LinkedIN group, with a tweet that refers to this discussion.
€ 50 – Website + Twitter [B]
Your item gets exposure on the E-invoicing Platform homepage, with a tweet that refers to this post. The read more link on the website refers to a dedicated URL of your liking.

€ 100 – Website + Twitter + Newsletter [C]
Option [B] + Your items also gets promoted through our weekly e-mailnewsletter. Bonus: our newsletter is also distributed as an announcement in our LinkedIN group, your item gets automatically promoted in our LinkedIN group!
€ 175 – Website + Twitter + Featured item in newsletter [D]
Option [C] + Your item becomes THE featured item in our weekly e-mailnewsletter. Giving you a lot more exposure at a fraction of the investment.


Extra Exposure

€ 150  – Featured item
Allow your content to be highlighted as one of just three available “featured” hotspots on our website.
€ 75  – Making your item sticky for a week
Our homepage gets refreshed with new items within a week. Checking this button, ensures you that  your items is visible at the top of homepage for at least ONE week.
€ 150  – Sidebar banner for a month [G]
With a(n animated) side bar banner measuring up 270×90 your can achieve just that little bit extra.
€ 300 – Sidebar banner for 3 months [H]
Option G + lasting for 3 months instead of one.



€ 50 – Event in event calendar + newsletter
Your event gets posted as an event item with your dedicated URL in our event-calendar. And is part of our weekly e-newsletters until the event has past.


Yearly Membership

€ 750 – Yearly membership
Surely your smartest choice of all. Providing you with maximum exposure with a fraction of the investment. To put it in perspective:
–  Publishing unlimited amounts of items, jobs and events
–  Cross platform posting: website, Twitter, LinkedIN and E-invoicing Newsletter
–  Custom extended company profile:
–  Your company profile added to the E-invoicing Buyer’s Guide
–  Your logo on the E-invoicing Platform homepage
–  Your logo at the bottom of the weekly E-invoicing Newsletter
–  Your logo added right besides your item in the newsletter.
–  Updates via the internal newsletter
subscribe here or to download our Value Proposition.

Make your pick

  • Our menu items

  • Total amount and payment options

  • 0,00 €
  • Contact and content details

  • Put any additional company information that you deem necessary here. Especially if you want to receive an invoice!


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