10 hard truths about supplier onboarding

Pairing electronic invoicing and B2B connectivity can turbocharge a business’s efficiency. But frankly, getting the results you want can be a different beast when compared to other enterprise software.

Success is predicated not just upon typical goals like successful application integration, deployment and internal end-user adoption. It’s all about getting a big enough chunk of your supplier base to use your chosen solution.

You need critical mass to justify your business case. Whether you need to onboard for supply chain messaging, electronic sourcing, or anything in between – it’s no easy feat. So, what are the hard truths about supplier onboarding?

  1. Missing, faulty supplier master data
  2. The “Why should I?!” or “What’s in it for me?”
  3. The SME interoperability challenge
  4. Lack of ownership
  5. Lack of time and resources
  6. Lack of communication and education
  7. Motivating the right people
  8. A matter of perspective: convincing the right people
  9. Focusing on the wrong business documents
  10. The whole process is not in one place

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