Non-bank financing soared to a record breaking EUR 50billion late 2014

January 5th, 2015 by in Merger, Acquisition, Funding, Research

A recent research paper by Deloitte showed that the number of acquisitions financed by non-bank lenders reached a record high in Q3 of 2014, as debt funds sit on EUR 50 billion of committed capital. And they plan to raise another EUR 1 billion the next twelve months.

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Basware delivers full purchase to pay to Finnish housing provider

January 5th, 2015 by in Invoice Automation, Procurement

The customer is already using Basware’s accounts payable solution, and the cooperation will be expanded to cover the entire purchasing process, catalog services, and inbound and outbound e-invoicing with supplier activation services.

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Basware signs AP Automation and e-invoicing contract in N-America

Basware has signed an agreement for the delivery of accounts payable automation and e-invoicing solutions with a provider of hospital services in North America. The agreement includes invoice automation and 100% inbound e-invoicing.

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Accelya and HCorpo cooperate on tax compliant e-invoicing for ALTEN

Under the impetus of its customer ALTEN, HCorpo (the corporate travel and hotel booking portal) has, together with Accelya, introduced electronic invoicing under EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) flow: a global project offering benefits at all levels!

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Spanish Hacienda wants real time information on commercial transactions

December 29th, 2014 by in Accounting, Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Government

With the SII (Suministro Inmediato de Información) system, taxpayers must submit details of invoices issued and received to the Tax Agency no later than 4 days after each billing. This means that the “record books” will be managed through the Tax Agency website.

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E-invoicing in Costa Rica may become mandatory late 2015

December 23rd, 2014 by in Electronic Invoicing, Latin America

Costa Rica was one of the first countries in Latin America to roll out electronic invoicing, along with Mexico, Guatemala and Brazil. However, unlike them, Costa Rica hasn’t made e-invoicing mandatory yet. This november, Director of Taxation, Carlos Vargas stated in the newspaper El Financiero, that electronic invoicing may become mandatory in 2015”.

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20 Minute Overview of the Mexico eContabilidad 2015 Updates

Mexico’s tax authority updated their eContabilidad requirements doubling down on the initiative. On of the key changes include the fact that reports are required as of January 2015 for all multinationals that produced more than 4 Million Pesos of revenue in 2013. Check out this 20 minute recorded webinar on the changes for 2015.

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Insight Investments buys billions approved-to-pay, investment grade receivables from Tungsten Network

Insight has agreed to purchase approved-to-pay, investment grade receivables originated through the Tungsten Network e-Invoicing platform. The funding to be provided is expected to total several billion pounds. Tungsten now has all the required funding at this stage for its invoice finance proposition, so that Tungsten no longer needs to pursue alternative financing options.

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Volvo Cars Netherlands Uses Anachron Corporate E-Invoicing Platform to Digitize Workflows and Improve Financial Reporting

Volvo Cars Netherlands has moved 100% of its invoices online, using Anachron’s corporate e-invoicing solution, closing the books 1.5 days faster each month, increasing financial transparency and strengthening decision making. And saving approximately 45,000 man hours every year.

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Latin America is at the forefront of mandatory electronic invoicing

December 21st, 2014 by in Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Latin America

E-invoicing is expanding rapidly worldwide. According to Billentis, this year roughly 40 billion invoices will be exchanged in this format. Of these, more than half, about 25 billion, correspond to Latin America. Time to take a look at the situation in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Uruguay, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Costa Rica….

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