G4S Security Netherlands saves with e-invoicing by Anachron

G4S Netherlands, part of the largest security company in the world (G4S), has chosen Anachron for a full e-invoicing solution. G4S wants to lead in its market when it comes to the developments in the field of e-Invoicing. Anachron met all the e-invoicing needs of G4S on this.

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Survey: 20000 corporate treasurers want a global bank e-billing format

According to Euromoney’s 2014 cash management survey, over 60% of a record 28,000 treasury professionals from non-financial corporates and financial institutions want to see the universal use of a common electronic bank billing standard, with Asia Pacific based treasurers the highest by region among them at 68%. By comparison, 50% of Europe based treasury professionals want it.??

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SAP and Ariba Transform e-Procurement in Middle East

October 28th, 2014 by in Adoption, Asia, Purchase-to-pay

As little as two years ago, procurement in the Middle East could be summed up in two words: administrative task. But a transformation is underway. Procurement is fast becoming a strategic capability that beyond costs savings and efficiencies, can deliver business innovation and outcomes. And with increasing frequency, companies across the region are turning to SAP and Ariba to drive it.

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How long does it take you to on-board a new supplier?

October 27th, 2014 by in Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

CloudTrade recently onboarded a new supplier in just 26 minutes – from initial request via email (to a supplier we’ve never had contact with before) to the supplier actually submitting their first, live production invoice via CloudTrade.

So how is CloudTrade able to onboard a supplier that quickly? Well, perhaps of their drive and because CloudTrade is different from other e-invoicing solutions. There are three key differentiators, why CloudTrade can onboard more suppliers and more quickly than anyone else…

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Study confirms: EU lost EUR 177 billion in VAT Gap. E-invoicing could save the day

An estimated €177 billion in VAT revenues was lost due to non-compliance or non-collection in 2012, according to the latest VAT Gap study published by the European Commission. This equals to a massive 16% of total expected VAT revenue of 26 Member States! The EU believes that tackling the VAT Gap requies a multi-facetted approach, and that e-invoicing should somehow be one of these measures.

However if, e-invoicing in Europe remains as liberalised as it is today, the VAT gap will surely not decrease. Perhaps the EU could take a look at the Latin American approach, and its stunning results….

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Strategic partnership between Tungsten and Trustweaver for global compliant e-invoicing

Tungsten Network announced to have inked a strategic partnership with TrustWeaver. TrustWeaver’s legally compliant electronic signature, time-stamping and tax authority clearance functions had already been integrated into Tungsten Network’s document creation and validation workflows. However, this strategic partnership between Tungsten and Trustweaver implies a next step…

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SEPA: Banks discontinue direct debits in favour of automatic e-invoice standing order

October 27th, 2014 by in Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Payment

With the integration into the Single European Payment Area, the requirements of the European Parliament Regulation will enter into force, more and more Nordic banks phasing out the current direct debit based solutions in favour of the automatic e-invoice standing order: a subscription based e-invoice process.

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Number 47: Qatar is the next compliant country for Tungsten

October 22nd, 2014 by in Asia, Compliance, Electronic Invoicing

Qatar is Tungsten Network’s 47th compliant country and the third Middle Eastern nation that Tungsten is legally and operationally compliant in, joining the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Qatari suppliers on the Tungsten Network come from a variety of industries, including hospitality, legal, media and telecommunications.

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Thomson Reuters steps up international expansion plans for Serengeti Tracker

October 22nd, 2014 by in Digitalisation, Electronic Invoicing

Serengeti Tracker, a web-hosted software solution, is the highest-rated and most widely used system for legal matter management, e-billing, and analytics, instilling worldwide best practices across corporate legal departments, increasing control, reducing spend and improving collaboration – internally and with external legal counsel.

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E-invoicing maturity according to Gartner. In 2014

October 20th, 2014 by in Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

Every now and day new reports appear on e-invoicing maturity. Gartner recently issued its IT Market Clock for B2B Solutions, 2014. And according to Gartner the time is now to invest in e-invoicing. It is beyond the dawn of standardisation and it will take another 5 to 10 years before e-invoicing switches to the next phase.

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