SAP gaps in Business-to-Government compliance require a 3rd party

You need to consider several factors when planning your LATAM compliance strategy. Learn more about the limitations of using SAP for compliance, and hear how Lexmark approached their compliance issues in this webinar.

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[REPLAY] Brazil: Key SAP Implementation and Maintenance Challenges

Listen to the webinar replay to get the latest update on Key SA Implementation and Maintenance Challenges in Bazil for 2015. In 2015 there is even more legislation regarding electronic invoicing and fiscal reporting, which will require mandatory and expensive SAP ERP upgrades.

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Why are suppliers rejecting your EDI program? How to on-board 50 suppliers in 24 hours

June 11th, 2015 by in Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

EDI has been around since the 1970’s. But why do most organisations that venture the EDI-route still find it so hard to on-board suppliers? To extend the value of EDI and make it accessible to the masses, a fresh view is required and solutions needed which don’t disrupt the supplier.

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Edicom Resource Center: Everything you need to know about SAFT-PT

André Menezes, EDICOM International Sales Manage and one of the leading experts in the SAFT-PT e-invoicing system shares it business and technical thoughts on this mandatory B2G e-invoicing system in Portugal.

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Bruno Koch says: “E-invoicing continues to unlock new value streams”

Over the recent years e-invoicing public sector initiatives have gained ground in many of the largest global markets. It is expected that this trend will catapult e-invoicing in 2015-2020. Other trends: supplier-consolidation and e-invoicing mandates…

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Basware signs AP automation deal with leading NL transport and logistics company

The agreement includes invoice automation and 100% inbound e-invoicing with scanning services. Basware also provides Basware Analytics and a mobile solution enabling the customer to review and approve purchase invoices regardless of time and place.

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Taulia: “What is e-invoicing? “

June 8th, 2015 by in Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

There are a lot of misconceptions on e-invoicing, and it goes well beyond just replacing paper as businesses must change their processes and systems to maximize the benefits of e-invoicing. In this post, Taulia discusses this, as well as the supplier benefits, buyer benefits and barriers.

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Invoiceware International Launches LATAM Supply Chain Finance Platform [UPDATED]

June 8th, 2015 by in Latin America, Supply Chain Finance

Turning the complex Latin America e-Invoicing regulations into supply chain finance opportunities is the latest offering providing working capital optimization and supply chain stability for multinationals investing in local manufacturing facilities across the LATAM region.

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We proudly present: Kewill – Our newest E-invoicing Platform sponsor!

A warm welcome to the E-invoicing Platform for Kewill. We hope that this sponsorship will aid Kewill to live up to its goal of delivering solutions that accelerate global trade and logistics.

And we are thankful that they allow us to carry out our ambition: to promote the best practices and adoption in electronic invoicing and invoice automation and distribute them to end-users.

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Case study: Hewlett-Packard relies on Pagero to send e-invoices in 23 EMEA countries

Implementing Pagero’s services has, for HP, contributed to extensive time savings, a strong increase in cash flow and has helped HP gain high flexibility in a diverse market. As well as being able to fulfill every legal and tax requirement encountered.

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