Long read: EDI adoption in Europe, USA, Latin America

July 3rd, 2017 by in edi, Europe, Latin America, North America

For some, it is an indispensable tool in the corporate arsenal; for others, a cost generator. In this post, we analyse how each implementation model has evolved.

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TrustWeaver announces signing and archiving services for Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime in India

July 3rd, 2017 by in Asia, Compliance

GST has replaced a majority of indirect taxes in India, including CENVAT and Service Tax that were previously supported by TrustWeaver. The introduction of GST is expected to have a major impact on the Indian economy and public administration.

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4 key changes in Ecuador’s new offline e-invoicing model

Until December 31, 2017, both the current “online” model and new offline schema are enabled, allowing taxpayers to gradually migrate their e-invoicing compliance efforts.

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TIE Kinetix wins e-invoicing contract with the Capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam

TIE Kinetix has won a bid by the city of Amsterdam to connect its >20,000 suppliers through e-invoicing via TIE Kinetix’s FLOW Partner Automation platform.

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Why EU’s PEPPOL offers a success template for e-invoicing in the USA

It is doubtful the OMB will ever enact a policy towards mandatory e-invoicing and that it will be down to system vendors, payment service providers, banks and corporations to help drive adoption in the US, using a PEPPOL approach.

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Taking the cost out of the supply chain [download]

June 29th, 2017 by in edi, Publications

EDI as a managed service now offers companies of all sizes the savings and efficiencies hitherto enjoyed only by the major corporations – so creating a level playing field.

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AcceptEasy and Worldline partner to offer a smart e-billing solutions

June 29th, 2017 by in Adoption, Cooperation, Payment

With this innovative solution, the customers receive their invoice on their phone, tablet or PC via text message or email. No register or login is required as bank details are already pre-filled.

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S4FN brings an SAP e-invoicing add-on to the Turkish community

The e-invoicing add-on allows for the exchange of invoice records between a supplier and a purchaser in SAP, Microsoft, Wmware, Suse, and more

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Dynatos expands operations to Iberia

The expansion of Dynatos in Iberia is for the the Cronos Group the latest project in their endeavor to increase its global footprint. Dynatos has experienced tremendous growth since 2010.

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Mandatory B2B e-invoicing – a shift in EU policy

Trustweaver published some additional thoughts on the move by the Italian government to make B2B e-invoicing mandatory too – in an effort to combat VAT fraud and closing the VAT gap.

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