Tungsten expects approval for buying FIBI bank within two months

Established with the express aim of shaking up the supply chain finance industry, the acquisition of Fibi is seen as a key element in the firm’s plans to provide suppliers with access to accelerated invoice settlement on a transparent and simple to execute basis.

In the six months since floating on AIM, the firm claims to have made strong progress overall in integrating its financing and analytics capabilities into the e-invoicing network; and in organising the combined Tungsten group to be capable of large-scale growth.

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The adoption of B2C e-invoicing in the Nordics: Signs of improvement

The success for the electronic invoicing differs from country to country in the Nordics and there are a couple of common reasons for that. It is no news that there has been, and still is, an increasing force in the market, driving away from business related communication on paper and instead moving towards “e”. In B2B this has been a reality for years but in B2C it’s a different story.

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Anachron and OFS Portal enter into Roaming Agreement

The agreement enables oilfield customers of OFS Portal Members to adopt Anachron as a machine integrated platform for exchanging valuable data and transactions with the OFS Portal Member through the use of open, non-proprietary standards. As a result, industry-players are able to adopt and benefit from latest technologies and services.

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How the EU directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement was born

EESPA was featured in the latest edition of the prominent ‘Parliament Magazine’ on the model interoperability agreement. Alongside an interesting two-pager on how the the EU directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement come in to existence. The article unveils that the most difficult part of the negotiations with the council was agreeing on the time period available to contracting authorities and entities before the standard is made mandatory. Definitely worth reading.

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TIE Kinetix receives ISO 27001:2013 certification for information security management.

March 21st, 2014 by in Compliance, Electronic Invoicing

TIE Kinetix is the first cloud-based E-Commerce solution provider to be awarded ISO 27001:2013 certification for information security management. The certification confirms that all sensitive customer and partner information is secured and managed at the highest level.

The ISO 27001:2013 process was done by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance of Rotterdam, awarding TIE Kinetix with the only internationally recognized and most prestigious information security standard available.

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The Risk of manually processing XML Inbound Invoices in Latin America

The risk manually processing XML Inbound Invoices in Latin AmericaMore often than not InvoiceWare sees multinationals manually processing inbound validation of supplier and business partner XM. It is important to understand the risks and the consequences on your business operations by not automating, especially in Latin America.

That is because in many Latin America countries – Inbound Validation of the XML is not an option, it is required. So here are some considerations when looking at the inbound process.

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Malaysia introduces GST as from 2015. How does that impact electronic invoicing?

March 21st, 2014 by in Asia, Electronic Invoicing

Malaysia introduced a new goods and services (GST) tax to be introduced in April 2015. The new tax will be levied at 6 per cent. The GST, unveiled in Malaysia’s 2014 Budget, will replace the country’s current sales and services tax of up to 16 per cent. Essential food items such as flour and rice, as well as bus and train fares, will be exempted.

Oscar Ferreira raised the question in our LinkedIN group: With the upcoming developments on GST does anybody experienced e-invoicing for a Malaysian buyer organization? Any contribution is appreciated.

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Who processes 300 million electronic invoices this year? Atlas Products International does!

Just six months after purchasing Orbit UK (the insurance EDI and ebusiness specialists) the rapid expansion of Atlas Products International now processes a whopping 25 million eInvoices. Every month! That is 300 million einvoices processed a year.

Atlas has significantly expanded its eInvoicing activities and credentials in the UK, Ireland, the rest of EMEA and North America over the past 12 months, surpassing many of its competitors through the provision of their intelligent eInvoicing platform, combined with industry leading delivery and customer service.

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Invoiceware releases new version of their SAP Hybrid Cloud for Brazil Nota Fiscal compliance

In a recent article published by InformationWeek Brasil, Alexandre Quinze, CIO América Latina da Philip, discusses how Invoiceware’s Nota Fiscal cloud service reduced on-going maintenance costs by 80% while increasing the productivity of end users by 25% when compared to maintaining an on-premise software for Brazil Nota Fiscal compliance. (Source: Philips no Brasil quebra paradigmas com arquitetura global de TI baseada no ERP)

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Loven Trucks connects automatic credit management to einvoicing via Anachron

Last year, Loven Trucks started e-Invoicing with Anachron’s InvoicePortal since some 18 months. And now it is time to take the next step. Soon, the unpaid invoices will also receive the attention they require, as they will be connected to InvoicePortal’s Credit Management module. RELEAD, the company behind the Dealer Management System used by Loven Trucks, build the connection between TruckVision and Anachron’s InvoicePortal.

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