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Taulia announces new strategic partnership and first HIPAA-Compliant Supply Chain Finance Solution

At Taulia Connect a global Partner Community was launched. The new program provides a hub of world-class enablement and collaboration tools to support and excite partners whose complementary products and services help transform financial supply chains.

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Basware and WEX provide new B2B real-time e-invoice payment solution

The agreement is established to support businesses in further enhancing their purchase-to-pay (P2P) process and working capital management with a new, automated invoice payment solution for real-time electronic payments.

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Basware’s Ad van der Poel named ‘Pro to Know’ for Supply Chain Financing Innovations

Van der Poel was recognized for helping to establish a new financing paradigm for buyers and suppliers that is significantly changing the world of B2B payments—freeing up money trapped in the supply chain.

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Taulia launches HIPAA-compliant supply chain finance solution

The product complies with all HIPAA data security requirements by ensuring database encryption of all PHI (protected health information) submitted to and accessed on the Taulia platform.

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Basware introduces Virtaus: a provider of smart financing + Basware Advance

Basware and Arrowgrass have today announced the introduction of a new company, Virtaus. Virtaus is a provider of smart financing for today’s digital and networked economy, providing businesses of all sizes with online and immediate access to short-term working capital.

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Whitepaper: How finance can maximize tax deductions and increase cash flow

For financial executives new to Latin American business-to-government requirements, it may be tempting to write off compliance as a local issue to be managed by local IT and accounting teams. However, this approach leaves companies vulnerable to severe penalties and operational disruptions that can be felt throughout global companies.

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SCF Community issues ‘open RFI’ project, e-invoicing plays a vital role as an enabler

In the ‘open RFI’ project, over 30 providers of supply chain finance (SCF) services will participate with the goal to directly compare the services available to corporations who seek to put in place an supply chain finance programme for their smallest suppliers.

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PrimeRevenue teams up with OpusCapita to free up cash for SMEs

September 29, 2015  |  Electronic Invoicing, Supply Chain Finance

PrimeRevenue is a major platform for working capital finance solutions. It signed a strategic partnership with OpusCapita, a leading provider of Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash services. Addressing the high demand for supply chain finance in the Nordics, OpusCapita is leveraging PrimeRevenue’s product suite to deliver a unique range of multi-funder supply chain finance solutions for companies in the region.

Miikka Savolainen, Director for Supply Chain Finance, OpusCapita:
“Our new supply chain finance offering optimizes both the buyer’s and the supplier’s working capital and helps both parties ensure that they have liquid assets at their disposal when needed. We selected PrimeRevenue as our supply chain finance partner because they have demonstrated years of leadership in this space.”

“OpusCapita launched the first major supply chain program in Finland. Such large scale financing solution with hundreds of suppliers as part of a program has not been seen in the Nordics yet. This program is enabled by OpusCapita’s sophisticated supply chain finance services and PrimeRevenue’s platform.”

Dan Juliano, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Product, PrimeRevenue:
“Partnering with PrimeRevenue gives OpusCapita’s customers access to a global platform for processing supply chain solutions financed by banks and non-bank funders. Adding PrimeRevenue’s supply chain financing platform to OpusCapita’s procure-to-pay solution allows them to add more differentiated value to their network of buyers and suppliers. The combined solution allows OpusCapita to monetize their network by provide working capital finance to their thousands of buyers and suppliers.”


OpusCapita loves working with standards. And this why…

September 18, 2015  |  Standards, Supply Chain Finance

Standards help them to focus in deploying their end-to-end solutions for purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes for the best possible user experience and process benefits, for customers all over the world.

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Improved Cash Flow Realized from Business-to-Government Compliance

September 9, 2015  |  Latin America, Legal, Supply Chain Finance

While Latin America is the current hotbed for such legislation, similar mandates are cropping up worldwide as countries prove the effectiveness of financial legislation in maximizing tax revenues.

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