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Top 5 Reasons to use Brazil NF-e 3.1 with Managed Services in stead of On-Premise Solutions

December 11, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Latin America, Legal

Brazil came out with their latest changes in July 2013 – version 3.1 of the Nota Fiscal process. ow is the time to compare your internal costs to solutions that take advantage of Latin America electronic invoicing in the cloud. Now is the time to compare SAP GRC NFe, Mastersaf and Synchro installations with managed service based solutions.

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Invoiceware International to Manage E-Invoicing for Brazil Nota Fiscal and Mexico CFDI for Kellogg

Invoiceware International is contracted by Kellogg to manage their electronic invoicing processes in Brazil and Mexico. By taking advantage of Invoiceware International’s SAP Electronic Invoice Apps and On Demand Latin America E-Invoicing Network, Kellogg’s will be able to eliminate the project and IT burdens caused by changing regulations, now as well as in the future. Creating simplified compliance with Brazil SEFAZ and Mexico SAT laws through packaged e-invoicing managed services.

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Argentina AFIP Mandates Factura MTX E-Invoicing Effective 1 January 2014

November 22, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Latin America

Argentina announced 31 October 2013 that it would no longer support the “factura local” web service and would require companies to instead use the more detailed “factura MTX” web service instead, effective 1 January 2014. The local web service (also known as “sin details” or without line item level details) is a very high level summary of the invoice data containing “header” info only. The MTX web service contains this header level info as well as additional details at the line item level, including quantity, price and total amount for each item.

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Invoiceware International Releases SAP E-Invoicing Inbound Receiving and Accounts Payable Solution for Mexico Electronic Invoicing

Invoiceware International extends their native SAP ERP electronic invoicing applications for Mexico to support inbound invoice processing and commercial compliance, also known as three way matching. With some 500,000 companies transitioning to electronic invoicing by January 1, 2014, multinationals need to adapt their inbound receiving and invoice approval processes to handle XML. Companies should expect upwards of 80 to 90 percent of supplier invoices to transition to electronic formats due to this legislation.

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Invoiceware International Updates LATAM SAP E-Invoicing Solutions for 2014 Brazil Nota Fiscal

Nota Fiscal Version 3.10 mandates that all companies operating in Brazil to transition from NFe 2.0 to NFe 3.1 by December 2014. To comply with these changes, Invoiceware International has extended their SAP® electronic invoicing applications and On Demand Latin America E-Invoicing Network to comply with the latest version of Nota Fiscal. Key features are: Turn-key E-Invoicing Platform & SAP extensions, Multilingual Project Management, and Guaranteed Compliance.

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OB10, AMEXIPAC (the Mexican association for service providers) and the CFDI Deadline

November 11, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Latin America

Mexico is very advanced when it comes to the infrastructure for and adoption of e-Invoicing. It laws and regulations continue to evolve rapidly. To stay on top of the latest developments, Markus Hornburg (VP Compliance at OB10) interviewed Benito Celorio. Benito Celorio is CEO at Buzón E (OB10's e-Invoicing partner in Mexico) and Vice President at AMEXIPAC (the Mexican association for service providers.
In this post Markus Hornburg and Benito Celorio discuss how companies are responding to the coming deadline to start adopting CFDI invoices, how the government is helping SME's and how it is developing CFDIs further.

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Brazilian Nota Fiscal Electronica (NF-e) Version 3 gets the go ahead

The Secretaría de Fazenda has published technical note NT2013.005. It announces the rollout of version 3 of the Nota Fiscal Electronica (NF-e) digital invoice in Brazil. This version changes the structure of the XML file, the validation process and webservice communications with the Public Administration.
In its technical note, the Secretaría de Fazenda has also set the dates for the implementation of NF-e version 3. On 02/12/2013 a test framework will be started-up. On 10/03/2014 the Production framework (coexisting with version NF-e version 2) will be live. And in December 2014 the coexistence period comes to an end, and usage of NF-e version 3 becomes mandatory.

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90% of Fortune 500 misunderstand Mexican Mandatory CFDI E-invoicing

November 4, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Latin America, Legal

Scott Lewin mentioned in this post that when on the phone with Fortune 500 companies to discuss Latin America electronic invoicing, they are in panic mode. Why? Because their local team had told them it was not a big deal; but once they started understanding the requirements, the impact to their ERP, and the frequency of changes to the legislation, they realized it was a big deal. A very big deal.
When it comes to the inbound Buyer side requirements in Mexico several aspects are often overlooked by the local teams of the Fortune 500's First of al they don’t think the mandates exist for AP validatio. Second, their suppliers are still sending paper today. And finally, they just don’t think the mandates are real because the government has not had a history of enforcing CFDI.

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EDICOM Expert Analysis: Electronic Invoicing in Brazil. NF-e, CT-e, NFS-e

Billing processes in Brazil are subject to compliance with certain tax obligations involving the declaration of trading transactions to the Brazilian tax authorities. The Brazilian tax system is largely based on the application of charges that vary in line with the movement of goods by companies throughout the Brazilian territories.
To give an overview of what is required in Brazil, EDICOM has delivered an Expert Analysis of Electronic Invoicing and transport documents in Brazil (mandatory as from December): DOWNLOAD THE ANALYSIS (ENGLISH), DOWNLOAD THE ANALYSIS (PORTUGUESE), DOWNLOAD THE ANALYSIS (SPANISH)

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The Real Cost of Implementing Mexico CFDI e-invoicing in SAP ERP

October 22, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Latin America, Legal

SAP teams are realizing the true cost of operating electronic invoicing in Latin America, as over 500,000 organizations look to install the new CFDI mandates for electronic invoicing in Mexico. There are hundreds of thousands of dollars which cannot be spent annually on process improvements as they are hidden costs applied to maintaining SAP in countries like Mexico.
The key lesson from Invoiceware on hidden costs is: Don’t let a $10,000 dollar local/point solution create a $300K a year support problem.

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