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Invoiceware and Vertex partner for Brazilian VAT compliant corporate e-invoicing

Vertex has announced an alliance with Invoiceware International to provide multinational corporations with a more robust tax engine with electronic invoicing capability to support Brazilian tax compliance, as well as the day-to-day Nota Fiscal requirements. Vertex is a leading provider for corporate enterprise tax solutions.
“Multinationals continue to recognize that the real cost driver of tax and e-invoicing compliance in Brazil is the management of constant change. This partnership provides multinationals with an opportunity to grow their business in Brazil, while Vertex and Invoiceware ensure compliance with the evolving requirements ,” said Scott Lewin, President and CEO, Invoiceware International.

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Brazilian e-billing provider Migrate plans to expand to Peru and Ecuador

Migrate is already present in Brazil and Uruguay. The company launched its Invoicy solution in Uruguay in October 2012 and believes it has 20% of the market with some 1,500 licenses. Migrate has been operating for eight years in the Brazilian market, which has had e-billing regulations in place for 10 years, and has 6,000 clients.
Uruguay approved e-billing law 18,600 in 2009 and published the decree for it to enter into operation in 2012. Non-official estimates forecast there will be 12,000 e-billing users in 2014 and 120,000 in 2015. The executive said that Migrate will target the SME market given that it can offer its software in a SaaS format, which means companies can use it on an on-demand basis.

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Mexican invoicing: Mistakes to avoid when hiring a Authorized Certification Provider (PAC)

Only invoices bearing an electronic stamp from a PAC are legally valid for tax purposes, so your choice of an Authorized Certification Provider is a critical question that should be carefully analysed. Here we give you four mistakes you must not make when choosing your PAC: Not to demand an SLA that guarantees service availability, No adding added value CFDI-issuing to your platform, Failing to check security in communications, Delaying the decision to migrate to CFDI.

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Novus selects Invoiceware for compliant einvoicing in Mexico, Argentina and Chile

September 25, 2013  |  Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Latin America

Novus International has contracted with Invoiceware International to manage the electronic invoicing compliance requirements in Latin America including: Mexico CFDI, Argentina CAE, and Chile DTE. By taking advantage of Invoiceware International's SAP® electronic invoicing applications and On Demand Latin America E-Invoicing Network, Novus International will streamline their approach to invoice regulation compliance. An important benefit of the new system includes reducing the day-to-day support issues and ongoing change management associated with maintaining local electronic invoicing solutions in each individual country.

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How convert to Mexican CFDI e-Invoicing [video-instruction]

September 25, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Latin America

Mexico's tax authority released a new set of mandates on May 31, 2013. This brings about some key changes. First of all legacy CFD is sunset and only valid through December 2013. This is brings about major changes in Mexican electronic invoicing.
With more than 500,000 companies affected, there is a lot of posturing by solutions in the market place. But what is important and can derail your transition is not the obvious, but what is in the details. In this session -- Invoiceware International discusses how it is helping over 250 of the Fortune 500 with their transposition to CFDI einvoicing.

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1, 2 and 3… Migrate from CFD to CFDI in three easy steps!

As of January 1, 2014, the Digital Tax Invoice via Internet (CFDI) replaces the former e-Invoice (CFD) as the mandatory electronic invoicing model in Mexico. The new regulation obliges all taxpayers who generate revenue of more than $ 250,000 annually to adhere to the CFDI, and relieves the issuers of having to administer serial and folio numbers or make monthly invoice declarations.
Are you one of the taxpayers currently still working with the CFD schema? Well, then you must change over to the new electronic billing model as of 1 January 2014!! In this post EDICOM briefly explains how to migrate your invoicing solution quickly and safely in these three easy steps.

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Four must reads on Brazilian and LATAM e-invoicing rules of the game

When it comes to legally compliant e-invoicing in Latin America, Invoiceware is your source to go to. Just as a few weeks they provided a series of articles on the rules of the game in Brazil and in Latin America. Such as the post on the latest version of Nota Fiscal (version 3.1), demanding all companies to be live with by the end of 2014. And this post "2014 Changes to Brazil Nota Fiscal – Challenge or Opportunity?" But also their post on how national government e-invoicing compliance affects a global SAP deployment. And last but certainly not least: "Avoiding Trouble When Doing Business In Latin America: Does Your Local Supplier Have Best Practices In Place?"

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Intermec selects Invoiceware to Comply with Mexican Electronic Invoicing Law

August 30, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Latin America

Intermec Technologies has selected Invoiceware’s SAP® electronic invoicing applications and On Demand Latin America E-Invoicing Network to comply with the Mexico CFDI invoicing mandates set to take full effect at the end of December 2013. Intermec is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and integration of automated data collection and mobile computing systems.
“We selected Invoiceware International because of their level of knowledge in complying with the Mexico CFDI invoicing mandates” said Vickie Canterbury, Sr. IT Manager at Intermec Technologies Corp. “Invoiceware International provides an SAP ERP solution and demonstrated an understanding of the complexities within SAP that can drive challenges in meeting this mandate.”

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Brazilian electronic bill of lading issuance now mandatory

August 26, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Latin America

As of August 1st, 2013 the Brazilian State Department of Finance (SEFAZ) makes it mandatory for all businesses and self-employed workers providing transport services in Brazil to generate an electronic file with the service provision details, which must be sent to the tax administration by electronic means.
The CT-e or electronic bill of lading for transport is the new electronic communication model imposed by the SEFAZ, whereby companies involved in the transport of goods subject to Brazilian taxation are required to create and store an electronic file for each service provided to their clients.

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Tradeshift signs e-invoicing agreement with Lear Corporation

More and more multinationals are looking for ways to bring the different branches of their global companies together on one platform. As more governments begin to mandate e-invoicing and other business processes, having a unified solution that works across borders will be critical.
Lear understands this. With 113,000 employees and 221 locations in 36 countries, it faces the challenges that a lot of global enterprises are confronting today. By working with Tradeshift they'll be able to ensure compliance and scalability in every region they do business. And Tradeshift provides the answer.
With Mexico's January 1, 2014 CFDI mandate looming, and other countries following suit, multinationals everywhere are evaluating the best solutions for meeting the complex compliance regulations. Tradeshift ensures documents sent and received on the platform meet these standards and are compliant with the CFDI format. Tradeshift will begin the implementation and onboarding of Lear's suppliers throughout North America and Mexico.

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