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How green are you? E-billing from a consumer’s perspective

Is it merely a public relations exercise? Or is this ‘going green’ campaign an effort by companies s to pass on costs to their customers?

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Basware signs large strategic Invoice Automation deal in North America

January 12, 2011  |  Invoice Automation

Basware Invoice Automation optimizes process performance in financial departments and business units

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Basware Named Accounts Payable Innovator at Financial-i Awards

January 10, 2011  |  Invoice Automation

Financial-i rewards Basware’s Accounts Payable solutions at fifth annual Leaders in Innovation Awards

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European E-invoicing Platform LinkedIN group is now an open group

All future discussions will be fully visible, searchable, and shareable on the Web

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German plans to simplify e-invoicing as from 1 July 2011

The German Finance Ministry proposes to entirely waive technical requirements on electronic invoices

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DP DHL slashes invoice processing costs by 88 per cent with OB10

"We are planning to continue to roll out the OB10 programme throughout our worldwide operations"

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Pitney Bowes: Reducing the cost of invoice processing

December 20, 2010  |  Invoice Automation, Publications

Pitney Bowes launched as service to help cut costs, improve supplier relationships and streamline the finance function

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Tieto’s e-invoicing service supports the new ISO 20022 standard

December 13, 2010  |  Electronic Invoicing, Invoice Automation

Universal Financial Industry Message Scheme is issued in December 2010

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Ricoh and ReadSoft offer best-in-class solutions

Ricoh Business Manager Theo van Zalen explains the co-operation between ReadSoft and Ricoh

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Synopsys goes on demand with Ariba

November 24, 2010  |  Electronic Invoicing, Invoice Automation

Company leverages comprehensive range of solutions delivered through the Ariba Commerce Cloud

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