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New customers for Medius: SMC Pneumatics, Kemwell and more

February 11, 2013  |  Digitalisation, Europe, Invoice Automation

Medius is hitting targets. In just the last few months the company was able to attract some interesting customers. From looking at it, their invoice automation and procure to pay solutions combined with outlook integration really interests new customers.

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Perceptive Software is latest member E-invoicing Platform

May we introduce to you the latest addition to the list of E-invoicing Platform members: Perceptive Software. The business unit of Lexmark International builds process and content management software that closes the information gaps that exist throughout every organization.

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Inalfa Roof Systems starts with Automated Invoice Processing with Palette

February 7, 2013  |  Invoice Automation

Inalfa Roof Systems has decided to use the web-based PaletteInvoice and PaletteBuyer solution to automate financial management across its global business. Inalfa initially piloted PaletteInvoice in early 2011 and the solution was rolled out across its Netherlands and Slovakia sites. Discovering that this delivers enhanced control over costs and enable accounting staff to work more productively.

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Best of e-invoicing and AP automation in January

For most Europeans January is all about low temperatures, consequently snow and days without a whole lot of sunshine. To be perfectly honest, we’re relieved that January is over. We’re looking forward to spring. But first it’s time for the overview of e-invoicing and AP automation news in January. That’s something we do like about the first month of 2013.

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Recent contributions on the OB10 blog you might want to read

As e-invoicing evolves, so do the different types of providers. Some of them partner up, others try to create as much distance between them as possible. One of the ways to distinct yourselves is to work on your own blog. OB10 is one these providers that does just that. We collected some of their posts.

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6 e-billing and AP automation news bytes

Kofax announces Kofax MarkView for Accounts Payable 8.0, Billtrust of Hamilton acquires Best Practice Systems, Belgian federal government launches website to encourage e-invoicing, InvoiceASAP and Hybrid Paytech partner up for e-invoicing services. And we love this one: T-Mobile Poland awards prizes in e-invoice competition.

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Basware closes significant Purchase-to-Pay services deal with Fortum

January 21, 2013  |  Invoice Automation, Procurement

The agreement includes purchase and contract lifecycle management, order matching, catalog management, exchange of purchase messages as well as supplier activation services.

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A bit of extra e-invoicing service: Interactive Voice Response

The E-invoicing Platform would never ever tell you that e-invoicing isn’t the way to go. But what if your customers like the convenience of having someone talk them through the process? Or if they’re unable to connect to the internet? Yes, it happens! Then you may want to consider adding Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to your current billing process.

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550,000 businesses walk on air with GXS Trading Grid

GXS, the provider of B2B integration services recently announced that GXS Trading Grid serves 550,000 businesses. Trading Grid enables users to avoid many of the complications of the traditional licensed software model, like having to install complex software or paying capital expenditures upfront.

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Latest Certipost white paper shows you how to streamline your supply chain

Modern supply chains are becoming more and more complex and companies are switching to automation to keep up with this complexity. Certipost’s latest white paper gives you all the info you need and shows you what the advantages of Certipost e-Supply are.

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