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Tradeshift dives into Oracle: Gold Partnership and Oracle Business Suite Connector

The partnership and connector are set to alleviate many of the pain points suffered by Oracle customers looking to integrate platform technology into their ERP systems by lowering risk, reducing cost and time to market. It is the latest of a wide offering of connectors Tradeshift supports to integrate with ERP and accounting systems utilized by businesses around the globe -- including SAP, Sage 50, QuickBooks Online, E-conomic and others.

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InvoiceSharing connects with SimplerInvoicing to stimulate e-invoicing

InvoiceSharing is announced as the latest member of the SimplerInvoicing network of 15 Dutch software companies and e-invoicing service providers. The primary aim of the collaboration is to realize a broad acceptance, standardisation and, as a result, implementation of e-invoicing. By joining forces, the use of electronic invoices becomes easier for any organisation.
InvoiceSharing believes in the end of paper invoices and combines unique technology with a disruptive business model. InvoiceSharing is developing a platform where anybody can send and receive free electronic invoices.

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Itella Information is now OpusCapita!

From November 1st 2013 onwards, Itella information continues under the new name of OpusCapita. The name change is one element of their sharp focus on comprehensive financial automation services and solutions.
OpusCapita name is already well known and recognized in all the key markets, and has established itself as a value-adding element of their total offering. The new company name, dignifies their capabilities in the field of cash flow automation while communicating a comprehensive knowledge in financial process streamlining.

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Barry Callebaut selects Anachron for a global hybrid e-Invoicing solution connected to SAP

Within a short timeframe, Barry Callebaut will serve 100% of its customers online, with over 150K e-invoices per annum. To ensure a smooth transition, paper and electronic invoicing are combined in one solution. Initially, the e-Invoicing portal will be available in eight languages, with more languages and orderto-cash functionalities planned for phase two.

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Be aware! The end of the Portuguese SAFT-PT grace period is near

September 16, 2013  |  Digitalisation, Financial software, Government

On 15th October 2013, the grace period extended by the Portuguese customs and tax authorities to businesses for implementation of the new electronic model for the control of goods movements in Portuguese territories comes to an end. After 15 October 2013, the tax administration will monitor all goods movements electronically and any company failing to provide prior notification of the shipment of goods by means of the electronic transport document (SAFT-PT) will be liable to prosecution and may be fined. The EDICOM solution is completely in line with the current regulations and provides businesses a totally automated transport document issuing system with customized integration in their internal management systems.

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Easy e-invoicing for Microsoft AX users through Anachron-HSO partnership

September 16, 2013  |  Electronic Invoicing, Financial software

The partnership enables HSO’s customers to electronically send any type of documents directly to its buyers and suppliers directly from Microsoft Dynamics AX. Such as electronic invoices. However, as the Anachron INGIS platform can handle much more document types that just e-invoices, HSO customers can profit from more other e-document delivery.
It is expected that after a short implementation period all HSO costumer will be able to access the benefits of e-invoicing, including significant cost reductions and less paper usage. Anachron and HSO have already connected its first joint customer, a large wholesaler of building materials, to the INGIS e-invoicing platform.

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GXS Trading Grid is now “Certified for SAP NetWeaver”

August 13, 2013  |  Digitalisation, Financial software

GXS announced that SAP’s Integration and Certification Centre (SAP ICC) has certified that GXS Trading Grid integrates with the latest versions of SAP Netweaver, SAP's ERP application. The three-year Netweaver certification confirms that GXS Trading Grid is fully interoperable with SAP NetWeaver and that common integration challenges have already been addressed and resolved.
“With the volume and velocity of data being exchanged between corporations and their business partners increasing daily, tight integration between ERP applications and cloud-based B2B platforms is a critical success factor for every large enterprise,” said Mark Morley, director of industry marketing and head of the SAP Customer Advisory Board at GXS. “This certification demonstrates our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers running SAP.”

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Tradeshift and Shared Services. They have a lot in common

May 3, 2013  |  Financial software

Disparate systems and geographies, multiple ERP and backend solutions, and different business entities all create roadblocks when trying to achieve true centralization and process optimization. Developing workarounds for your ERP to resolve such headaches can be terribly expensive and time consuming.
These are the very reasons shared services centers in the world’s largest companies are turning to the Tradeshift platform. So, how exactly does Tradeshift remedy so many of these pain points?

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5 key considerations for SAP Brazil implementations.

Many companies in Brazil with SAP are either looking to consolidate legacy systems onto a centralized SAP system, or they are looking to transition Procure To Pay processes into a Shared Service environment. InvoiceWare wants to provide you with the key considerations for SAP Brazil implementations. Many of these are often overlooked during the discussion of bringing Brazil into the SAP or Shared Service process.

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Use Tradeshift Apps to build the e-invoicing set-up that suits you

Very smart, Tradeshift, not to ignore the immense popularity of apps. Apps add whole new features, connect your account to other systems like accounting and let you create a setup that works for you — not just what Tradeshift decides to ship. These apps are a good starting point.

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