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BYOD: Basware makes Purchase-to-Pay available for mobile platforms

November 26, 2015  |  Digitalisation, Mobile, Purchase-to-pay

The adaptive user experience is available across Basware Purchase-to-Pay, Basware Analytics and Basware Travel & Expense solutions providing unified look and feel for users from their laptops, tablets and smart phones without installing any applications.

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Comarch EDI – The Only Polish IT Company Noticed by Gartner

Previously, Gartner’s report on Customer Experience named Comarch as a “vendor to watch”. This time another fast growing solution, Comarch EDI (Electronical Data Interchange), was distinguished. The analysts emphasized also geographical expansion of Comarch in Western Europe.

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Basware Commerce Network: 100+ million yearly e-invoice and purchase order transactions

October 20, 2015  |  Adoption, Digitalisation, Interoperability

Today, the Basware Commerce Network connects with over 200 B2B (business-to-business) networks, allowing more than a million companies and public organisations to transact seamlessly wherever they do business.

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Anachron launches revolutionary Order2Cash solution.

Anachron launches revolutionary Order2Cash solution. “The future of order to cash is now!”

This powerful SaaS solution integrates a range of services to create a complete, end-to-end global order to cash platform, suitable for all businesses, covering everything from the placement of an order through to the collection and application of payment.

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MACO Door & Window Hardware outsources to Wesupply for a fully managed EDI service

October 1, 2015  |  Digitalisation, Electronic Invoicing

Wesupply’s OneTime solution will be integrated with MACO’s SAP system, the exchange of orders and invoices will be automated. This will help lower order lead times to the benefit of MACO’s client base and improve MACO’s order-to-cash cycle time.

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TIE Kinetix’ EDI solutions optimise the Digital Supply Chain for Bunzl

TIE Kinetix offers a wide range of SaaS (Software as a Service) based EDI and integration solutions for Bunzl that helps automate the exchange of data between companies, providing huge saving in time and money.

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After Atlas International, Highjump now acquires Wesupply

With this acquisition, HighJump further expands its global footprint in the market for trading partner connectivity and omni-channel enablement. Mid 2014 Highjump acquired Atlas International.

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Pagero approved “Best Practice” access point by Difi

An approved Best Practice access point fulfils Difi’s demands on best practice for file handling, registration of new recipients in Elma and providing relevant user information.

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After France, Portugal, Spain and the USA, EDICOM also joins GS1 UK

Joining GS1 United Kingdom is yet another proof of EDICOM’s commitment to the creation and use of international standards to facilitate interoperability.

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Tradeshift buys Merchantry ($30M) to boost the value of its network

Merchantry is a so-called 'Product information Management (PIM)' provider. Merchantry helps large organizations successfully grow their e-commerce businesses by building, scaling and streamlining online marketplaces.

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