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(E-invoicing by) Accounting Plaza acquired by Genpact

And the latest acquisition is a fact. BPO specialist Accounting Plaza is acquired by Genpact. Including the E-invoicing by Accounting Plaza services. Genpact is the former BPO division of General Electric. The acquisition was announced yesterday. Financial details were not disclosed

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Next Generation PDF Interactive E-Statements. In China

March 20, 2012  |  Asia, Digitalisation

An extremely innovative solution from ISIS Papyrus for the China Trust Bank. With it the China Trust Bank has achieved an adoption degree of 24% within 3 months now sending 60,000 emails per day on average. The e-statement is completely personalized and contains customized video marketing messages. The click-rate on the marketing messages will be monitored daily and marketing messages can be exchanged per run

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Status of reducing administrative burdens in the EU [9 Questions and Answers]

March 14, 2012  |  Digitalisation, Europe, Publications

We received a memo on the status of reducing administrative burdens in the European Union. Reducing administrative burdens are part of the Commission's smart regulation agenda. And we all know that e-invoicing, invoice automation, SEPA and several other digitisation services are part of of that EU agenda

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Anatomy of a phishing attack [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the uptake of e-invoicing we can expect that e-bills and e-invoices will be more and more exposed. This infographic shows how they get exposed through phishing

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6 low key e-invoicing and AP automation items still worth reading

There is way too much news these days on electronic invoicing, AP automation, bill payment, and so on. So in this blogpost you will learn about 6 low key news items that still are worthy of reading. Items like: InvoiceWare being compliant with Mexican e-invoicing regulations, CashFlows launching an e-Invoicing service, the problems with HIPAA 5010, The Taulia-Trustweaver partnership, Century bank using InvoiceCloud and Bulmers Limited using SoftCo R8 for AP Automation

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FRAM: Best practice on tax-compliant e-invoicing by Accelya

February 17, 2012  |  Digitalisation, Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Legal

The project involves a current volume of 300,000 customer invoices, and several stages have already been successfully implemented in response to the needs of travel agencies and customers, in a move towards 100% integration of invoicing data

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Basware wins tender for The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland has chosen Basware Corporation as the supplier of transaction services. Basware received highest scores in a public procurement process

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Cegedim joins the E-invoicing Platform community

February 10, 2012  |  Digitalisation, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

A dematerialization specialist, Cegedim designs, develops and markets products and services in the areas of compliant e-invoicing, legally enforceable archiving and EDI

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Dimensys joins the E-invoicing Platform, promoting potential disruptive technology

February 10, 2012  |  Adoption, Digitalisation, Electronic Invoicing

Dimensys provides a highly innovative and practical tool to digitize document flows. Especially invoices. You can throw at them what you want. They can handle it. Without data entry.....

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Basware E-invoicing Services grows 32 percent. Transaction volume up 53 percent

Things are looking pretty good for Basware. Net sales grew with 4.5% to EUR 107.7 million. Recurring revenue accounted for 48.9% of net sales

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