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Broekman Group selects Kewill’s supply chain execution platform

August 7, 2013  |  Digitalisation

Headquartered in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, with 750 employees worldwide, Broekman Group is a “one stop” logistics service provider offering global multimodal transport, warehousing and customs management services. With Kewill Logistics, Broekman Group’s Logistics division is putting in place a single integrated platform for managing its sea, air and road forwarding, warehousing and Customs processes, to replace the legacy systems previously in use by its logistics division.

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Top Image Systems files patent for Google Glass capture and recognition

Even while the Google Glass is still in its development stage, Top Image System has filed a patent for using it as a scanning and capture application, called GlassCapture.
GlassCapture should enable users to capture documents by means of snapping images of the documents using a wearable computer such as Google Glass and then recognizing and processing the documents. GlassCapture will aid users to make decisions based on the captured documents and related information retrieved during document processing.
There is a chance that GlassCapture will bring about a paradigm change in how people interact with documents. With this product, the market trend towards empowering the remote workforce will progress dramatically, according to Isaac Rome, Vice President Global Banking and Mobile, Top Image Systems.

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SEEBURGER Forms Global B2B Integration Partnership with Minacs

July 10, 2013  |  Asia, Digitalisation

Under the agreement, Minacs will make SEEBURGER technology available to customers with intra- and inter-company collaboration needs such as trading partner communications and managed file transfer (MFT); provide implementation services; and incorporate SEEBURGER solutions into industry-specific Minacs products including its TradeFree product suite for the banking sector.
Minacs has more than 150 B2B integration engagements under its belt, a strong global presence. SEEBURGER’s tight integration with SAP systems as well as its SAP-specific solution extensions for applications such as supply chain monitoring and order-to-cash automation give Minacs an opportunity to increase its engagements with SAP Global Delivery.

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Cut the paper – port users urged to go electronic

In the Port of Rotterdam each month one 20ft container worth of wastepaper is created by unnecessary paperwork. That is why the Rotterdam-based container terminals ECT, APMT and Uniport embarked a scheme to push their customers to use e-commerce interchange, rather than paperwork.
Dutch port community systems provider Portbase, also argues that all stakeholders within port communities benefit from intelligent services for simple and efficient information exchange. Between companies, and between the public and the private sector. Avoiding form entry mistakes, repeated data entry and paper waste.

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We proudly present you: Seeburger

We are proud to present you our latest member: Seeburger. With over 9,000 satisfied customers around the world and 25 years of experience, SEEBURGER is a market leader in business-to-business integration.
The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite supports all information and communication channels with business partners, including (web)EDI, paper, fax and the web. For SAP users, transparent, workflow-based best practices for handling Order-to-cash and Purchase-to-pay processes are also available. SEEBURGER also offers special, ready-made solution packages to meet specific needs of all industries.

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European launches E-SENS, for simple European electronic networked services

The single market in Europe has made quite some progress since its start in 1992. However several barriers to achieve true unity in public service delivery still exit. E-SENS will address these barriers in order to improve interoperability in Europe, as well as increase mobility and competitiveness. In particular E-SENS is expected to:
• develop a common infrastructure for interoperable public services; • enable higher interoperability between public administrations all over Europe; • provide the foundation for the platform of e-Government “core services”; • support the creation of the European digital single market.

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GXS and KMD bring B2B managed services to Denmark

GXS and KMD today announced a partnership to make GXS Managed Services available in the Nordic Countries. Through the partnership, KMD will offer GXS Managed Services, a comprehensive outsourced B2B integration solution to enable companies in the Nordic Countries to replace aging in-house B2B gateway software with a cloud-based integration offering.
More specifically, GXS Managed Services will enable KMD’s customers to build and grow B2B networks without making additional investment in hardware, software or human resources. Increasing the ROI from their efforts to connect electronically with their customers, suppliers, banks, transportation carriers and other business partners.

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Wow! GXS powers 22 of Gartner’s 2013 top 25 supply chains

Wow! GXS powers 22 of Gartner’s 2013 top 25 supply chains

Gartner announced the 2013 Supply Chain Top 25. And guess what. GXS powers 22 of Gartner’s 2013 Supply Chain Top 25* through GXS’ cloud-based integration platform, called the GXS Trading Grid. GXS Trading Grid enables customers in industries including automotive, retail, high tech and consumer products to exchange information electronically with their customers and suppliers.
The Supply Chain Top 25 rankings comprise two main components: financial and opinion. Public financial data gives a view into how companies have performed in the past, while the opinion component provides an eye to future potential and reflects future expected leadership, a crucial characteristic. These two components are combined into a total composite score.

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20/20 vision to pitch at the Dutch Demo Night in New York city

20/20 vision Europe has been selected as one of the happy few to participate in the Startup Bootcamp in NYC. This Startup Bootcamp aims to introduce foreign entrepreneurs into the NYC startup scene to extend their international network. All company visits and international business training will lead up to the main event; the Dutch Demo Night. Who will be the hottest startup visiting NYC?
Are you by chance visiting NYC? Please join us on June the 6th and experience the Dutch invasion of NYC. To register for the event, go to Eventbrite and regsiter now. Follow the conversation on Twitter using #NLbootcamp. Follow @2020visionEU and @nlinvalley so you do not have to miss any update.

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NBC Universal: e-invoicing and invoice automation with Basware

NBC Universal a major media and entertainment company, selected Basware 'Accounts Payable Automation', 'Scan and Capture' and 'Basware E-invoicing' for connecting and transacting with suppliers, and automating the invoicing process. These three solutions should enable NBCUniversal to conduct e-invoicing, to gain visibility and control over invoices and to improve relationships with suppliers.
Basware Accounts Payable Automation will be implemented via Software as a Service (SaaS) on a cloud-based platform for purchase to pay: Basware’s Alusta. Additionally, NBCUniversal will implement Scan & Capture and Basware e-Invoicing over the Basware Commerce Network. The new service is delivered in the US and in the countries where NBCUNiversal's customers and suppliers are located.

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