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TUV Security Certification for AuthentiDate’s Einvoicing Cloud Services

October 9, 2013  |  Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

AuthentiDate’s SIGNAMUS Cloud Services for secure enterprise data exchange has received the international acknowledged security and data privacy certificate "Approved Cloud Security" from TÜV Saarland. TÜV certified that companies, exchanging electronic invoices, orders or other data, will benefit from secure and compliant data privacy throughout SIGNAMUS data conversion, EDI services, online archiving, digital signatures and time stamps.
The audit covered the complete software architecture as well as the physical, technical and organizational security of SIGNAMUS Cloud Services at AuthentiDate’s headquarters in Düsseldorf/Germany.

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25 Electronic Invoicing Providers sign Charter to ensure Free Interoperability, Roaming [updated]

25 companies specialized in the electronic invoicing operations gathered around GS1 France have officially signed the E-invoicing Interoperability Charter. This charter aims to reaffirm the free exchange of electronic invoices, especially when the electronic bill passes through two different operators.
The development of the E-invoicing Interoperability Charter began almost a year, as part of a working group composed of users GS1 France. It is the result of the will of GS1 member companies, publishers and operators of electronic invoicing solutions, to support the fast adoption of e-invoicing while adhering to legal electronic invoicing requirements.

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Not yet SEPA ready? Time for a plan B!

October 1, 2013  |  Compliance, Europe, Payment

Are you not ready yet for SEPA? Or just about to, but you don't know for sure to meet the 1 February deadline? Or maybe you haven't put SEPA on your agenda yet? Rest assured, you are not alone. A PWC SEPA Readiness Monitor shows that many companies like you face the same problems.
Many companies don't know if or when they are SEPA ready. However this doesn't change the deadline of 1 February 2014: if your company isn't ready by that date, there's a big chance that you won't be able to receive credit transfers or pay your bills. So, make sure to have a Plan B. Want to know how?

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Novus selects Invoiceware for compliant einvoicing in Mexico, Argentina and Chile

September 25, 2013  |  Compliance, Electronic Invoicing, Latin America

Novus International has contracted with Invoiceware International to manage the electronic invoicing compliance requirements in Latin America including: Mexico CFDI, Argentina CAE, and Chile DTE. By taking advantage of Invoiceware International's SAP® electronic invoicing applications and On Demand Latin America E-Invoicing Network, Novus International will streamline their approach to invoice regulation compliance. An important benefit of the new system includes reducing the day-to-day support issues and ongoing change management associated with maintaining local electronic invoicing solutions in each individual country.

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Can you bring compliant e-invoicing to the next level in Brazil? Yes you can!

Meeting e-invoicing compliance in Brazil is complex and requires careful constant monitoring. While e-invoicing adoption is high in Brazil, this complexity is why most service providers only help companies meet the government’s minimum requirements.
But now there is a strategic partnership between Comprova (an officially accredited Brazilian certification service provider and digital signature platform) and OB10. Comprova’s certification solution creates legally compliant invoices for goods, services and transport in BRAZIL. By combining this with the flexibility of the OB10 network, invoices are validated against government and buyer-specific requirements to ensure they are processed and paid faster. Bringing compliant e-invoicing to the next level.

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Latin American e-invoicing compliance for Chemtura thanks to InvoiceWare

Chemtura Corporation, a global specialty chemicals company, selects Invoiceware International to deploy and manage their electronic invoicing processes in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. By taking advantage of Invoiceware International's SAP(R) Rapid Deployment Templates (RDT) and OnDemand Latin America E-Invoicing Network, Chemtura is eliminating complexity in their upcoming Latin America SAP ERP implementation today, as well as eliminating future change-management issues and IT burdens caused by the constantly changing e-invoicing regulations.

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The risks of using non-integrated, local vendors to manage LATAM e-invoice compliance

May 7, 2013  |  Compliance, Electronic Invoicing

I while ago Steve Sprague had an interesting conversation with a CFO of a Fortune 500 multi-national on Latin America eInvoicing. They discussed the risks associated with using non-integrated, local vendors to manage eInvoice compliance.
Here are the key take-aways from that conversation that should be discussed with your global procurement and legal organizations before contracting with a vendor. There are always underlying issues that go beyond technical requirements.

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