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InvoiceSharing Makes Electronic Invoicing 100% Free and Premium. Guaranteed!

As of today electronic invoicing is fully free from anywhere in the world. InvoiceSharing is the first company to make the total process free, that is: from sending electronic invoices to importing them into financial accounting.
A revolutionary innovation that is available to any company as of today. A business model considered ‘impossible’ by the industry is now the new reality. A revolution for providers of paid electronic invoices. Integration to any financial system is free. Sending and receiving of invoices is also free. The entire process is accredited by the accounting firm Ernst & Young.

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Cegedim helps ALD Automotive to switch to electronic invoicing

November 20, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

Cegedim has announced to been chosen by ALD Automotive (operational vehicle leasing and fleet management specialist) to implement e-invoicing using its GIS (Global Information Services) solution. The effort is part of ALD Automotive’s ALD bluefleet program, which aims to reduce the company’s environmental impact.
ALD Automotive now offers EDI invoicing or signed PDF files with invoice details as attachments, depending on what clients prefer. The invoice can be archived on ALD Net, the fleet management portal, or on the Cegedim platform.

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Basware and B2Boost cooperate to open up e-invoicing in the Belgian media sector

Basware and B2Boost decided to collaborate to provide the Belgian media industry Procure-to -Pay automation and e-invoicing, fully integrated and tailored to their needs.
This collaboration aims to build synergies between Basware and B2Boost, both under contract with VMMa and SBS , which are among the top five players in the Belgian broadcasting industry. Rather than imposing media agencies to have to choose between Basware and B2Boost, both players decided to join forces to offer their clients and future prospects with solutions to abandon the paper process.

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Basware provides catalog management and supplier onboarding to Swedish automotive manufacturer

November 2, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing

Basware expanded its contract with a major Swedish automotive manufacturer to its services across more than 20 European countries. The services include Basware Catalogs, (a portal service enabling suppliers to deliver their catalogs) and Basware Supplier Onboarding. The value of the deal exceeds EUR 900,000 over three years. Implementation starts this quarter.
The customer has already deployed Basware's accounts payable and procurement solutions. Basware is running e-invoicing activation services for onboarding suppliers in the same countries where the new catalog services will now be implemented.

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9 Belgian stakeholders promise to promote electronic invoicing adoption

A study by the Belgian Agency for Administrative Simplification states that ten percent of all Belgian businesses uses electronic billing. Represents “only” 107 million e-bills out of the billion sent each year in Belgium. For the Federal budget minister Olivier Chastel, that number is still "far too small."
To accelerate the adoption of ebilling, the minister brought nine interprofessional organizations together to let them promise to promote electronic billing to their members. Organisations included are Voka, the Neutral Independents Union (SNI) and Federation of Belgian Businesses (FEB). The objective is to increase the adoption of "e-billing" by 25% between now and the end of the legislative session.

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UK Telecom Operator Ofcom: business may charge paper bill penalties if they like

October 28, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

Based on BT's decision that from November all business customers will be automatically switched to paperless billing for "their added convenience", customers have to pay £6 a month to keep receiving itemised paper bills.
According to the UK telecoms regulator, Ofcom, companies can charge whatever they like because such fees are a "commercial decision" and customers who object can always jump ship. It has, however, contacted BT to ask for an explanation of the new charges and how they were communicated to customers.

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Is Canada next to impose ebilling consumer protection legislation?

Ebilling is finding its ways accross society. And more and more examples brake the surface, showing that consumer demand protection against all to drastic onboarding schemes. Ireland is most probably the first in the world to impose ebilling consumer protection legislation. But if we may believe the rumours Canada may follow within short notice.
It took several years, but the Canadian government is on the case. The banks, which also charge for paper bills, could be next to feel customers’ rage. And it is expected that the CRTC will come with regulation.

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European Council: make haste with e-invoicing and e-payment. Not with data protection. [UPDATE]

October 28, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe, Payment

Last week the European Council took place.EU leaders have backed away at their latest summit from a quick implementation of the new data protection directive. The Council stated that completion of the data protection legislation and the cyber security directive was only essential by 2015. Who will tell them about the NSA spying on Merkel? On the other side, the Council called upon the European Parliament to accelerate work on proposals on e-identification and trust services and on e-invoicing and payment services, so that they can be adopted by the end of the legislative period next spring. You could download the full conclusions here. However these are the relevant parts (page 5)

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Charging For Paper Bills is the New Cash Cow. And not just in Canada.

E-invoicing and e-billing may have their benefits. However issuing paper bill penalties to force your customers into electronic invoicing and online billing is just a big fail. And if you persist you could potentially end up losing your mobile phone license. Even more serious: millions of households face financial problems because of scattered online bill platforms. And it becomes more and more clearly that companies do not use paper bill penalties just to make you switch to e-invoicing (B2B) of e-billing (B2C). In fact, the there are companies that keep charging for bills or monthly statements and bills without you being able to stop receiving them. Why? Because they earn extra money. A new cash cow is born! Hampering e-invoicing adoption.

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Italy loses EUR 1.1bln a year

October 1, 2013  |  Adoption, Electronic Invoicing, Europe

The delay in implementing the digital agenda costs Italy EUR 1 billion per month, according to estimates by the Digital Agenda Observatory of the School of Management of the Milan Polytechnic. It said adopting electronic invoicing for public administration could lead to a saving of EUR 1.1 billion per year, while the introduction of IT services in health care could generate savings of EUR 6.5 billion per year.

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