Pagero connects ERP systems (eg. financial, order, purchasing systems) digitally with each other. Their e-order and e-invoice services help businesses to streamline operations throughout the entire order-to-pay process.

Pagero’s services are delivered in the cloud via their network Pagero Online. The services are independent of ERP system, industry and transaction volume and suit all types of businesses.

Pagero has about 120 employees with headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. They also have local sales offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Brighton, Dublin, Rome and Dubai. Over 40 developers in Pagero’s R&D team constantly work with developing the services enabling the company’s clients to get maximum benefit from their investment.

Over 15 000 customers in 50 countries benefit from Pagero’s services. Through Pagero’s roaming agreements, they reach over 750 000 companies and organisations worldwide.


Pagero's e-order services enable your company to communicate electronically with all your business partners through one single connection to Pagero’s network Pagero Online. Their e-order services suit all businesses, regardless of ERP system, industry sector or order volume.


With Pagero’s e-invoice services your company can communicate electronically with all your suppliers and customers via one single connection to Pagero’s network Pagero Online. Their e-invoice services are suitable for all businesses, regardless of business system, industry sector or invoice volume.

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  1. Webinar: International e-Commerce – Reach & Compliance (Customer Insight)

    Have you received inquiries from customers in other countries to start sending e-invoices? Not sure how to reach them or how to comply with local rules?

    E-Invoice can be very expensive and resource demanding for multinational businesses, having to support local standards and infrastructure while also complying with local tax regulations.

    Sign […]

  2. Webinar: Accounts Payable 2.0 – Paperless & touchless (Customer insight)

    For years, businesses have taken actions to cut costs in their Accounts Payable departments. Investing in scanning and capturing services, invoice workflow and automatic matching are all necessary movements in the right direction. Pagero invites you to this free webinar to show you a textbook example of one of our clients who has achieved AP […]

  3. Webinar: PEPPOL Access Services for NHS

    Mandates are in place for all NHS Trusts to adopt PEPPOL for sending and receiving business documents (Purchase Order, PO Acknowledgement, ASN and Invoice) digitally.

    Pagero invites you to our free webinar exclusive to NHS Trusts, covering the following topics:

    What is PEPPOL?
    International experiences
    Important considerations
    Pagero Access Point services

    May 11 | 09:30 – 10:00

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April 2017

  1. E-invoicing with Pagero Connect and the Virtual Printer

    Pagero Connect is an excellent choice for companies that use a financial system and that want to streamline their invoice processing without any changes to existing routines.

  2. Standardisation: Victory or Swansong?

    Director of the Danish Agency for Digitisation: “You end up making such huge changes to standard financial systems that they are practically specialist systems”

  3. Case Study: TOOLS Sweden processes 140,000 e-invoices per year with Pagero

    Today, the company has a financial centre that handles all invoices, with one shared financial system and the same invoicing process for all customers and suppliers.

  4. Pagero awarded place on the UK Crowm Commercial Services Framework

    “Being awarded this framework by CCS is an important step for us in expanding our reach together with PEPPOL and it gives NHS Trusts and their suppliers a reliable partner to entrust with PEPPOL compliance.”

March 2017

  1. Film: e-invoicing made easy with Pagero

    Do you process high volumes of electronic and paper invoices every month? Check out Pagero’s video to hear how you can streamline your invoice processes.

February 2017

  1. Data capture is a farming exercise; and this is why

    This article is about the importance of data as enabler, and about the fact that some data cannot be measured on their apparent value.

  2. ABB Spain optimizes its (e-)invoice handling with Pagero (Case study)

    “Electronic invoicing is secure, accurate and simple and has really helped us optimize invoice handling.”

January 2017

  1. Pagero and PEPPOL – more than just an PEPPOL access point

    Pagero not only supports the basic PEPPOL services but is also able to handle the variations in formats and legal country requirements

  2. Gustaf Fagerberg: A more efficient invoicing process with a virtual printer

    The only thing we have to do is to print to a virtual printer and then the whole invoice issuing process is completed. This is a huge difference compared to how it used to be.”

  3. Pagero news update: Frence office, Primelog acquisition and Bouvet SAP integration

    The future is bright for Pagero, when looking at these three news items that appeared the last few weeks.