OB10 provides an end to end business service, that streamlines the complex invoice-to-pay process. Neither client organisations nor their suppliers are required to implement any hardware or software, and OB10 is independent of data formats. OB10 can reduce the cost of paper invoice processing by typically 60 percent and can deliver an ROI in less than one year. OB10 is VAT and tax compliant across Europe, North America and Asia and exchanges invoices between several thousand companies globally. To ensure unrivalled and rapid supplier enrolment, each new customer's suppliers are supported by a best practice implementation services team responsible for getting them up and running on the OB10 network.


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March 2014

  1. OB10 and Comprova now provide Brasil with compliant straight through e-invoicing

    Brazil is a leader in e-Invoicing with a government mandate and market accustomed to automated invoice technology. In addition to complying with the complexity of tax and e-Invoicing regulations, companies are looking to streamline their invoice processing.

    The strategic alliance with Comprova enables OB10 to meet the demands of its customers, and deliver compliant e-Invoicing and straight-through processing to businesses operating in Brazil.

  2. What has Tungsten achieved since it bought OB10? Time for an update

    Some of the achievements sofar are listed in this article. Like its compliance in 44 countries. But also: Their focus on a purely digital approach means that Tungsten shall be shutting down the legacy interoperability arrangements that benefit its competitors more than they benefit Tungsten’s customers and which could introduce non-compliant invoices into the Tungsten network. Hmmmm, interesting.

  3. Tungsten expects approval for buying FIBI bank within two months

    Established with the express aim of shaking up the supply chain finance industry, the acquisition of Fibi is seen as a key element in the firm’s plans to provide suppliers with access to accelerated invoice settlement on a transparent and simple to execute basis.

    In the six months since floating on AIM, the firm claims to have made strong progress overall in integrating its financing and analytics capabilities into the e-invoicing network; and in organising the combined Tungsten group to be capable of large-scale growth.

  4. Tungsten awards customer for their e-invoicing best practices

    The 2014 Tungsten customer awards were presented at the annual customer event in London and celebrate companies that have gone the extra mile in rolling out their electronic-invoicing initiatives and acting as champions for process automation in Purchase to Pay.

    By acknowledging the extra efforts made to eliminate paper invoices, the winners offer examples of best practice and encouragement to other organisations looking to achieve einvoicing and straight-through processing.

February 2014

  1. Tungsten and partner Buzon E sign up shipping group Estafeta as first Mexican customer

    e-Invoicing is mandated for all Mexican companies. Due to recent legislative changes, organisations can no longer self-generate electronic invoices but must send them through one of 77 authorised service providers, such as Buzón E. By becoming an OB10 reseller, Buzón E is introducing additional value to its fiscally compliant invoicing services by bringing touchless processing to Mexican companies.

  2. Tungsten and OB10 welcome three top level executives to the e-invoicing team

    Tungsten Corporation, accelerator of global trade through its combination of acquired e-Invoicing network OB10 with spend analytics and supply chain financing, has announced the addition of three senior level executives to its team: Lincoln Jopp (COO), David Newberry (CMO) and John Hall (Head of Major Accounts).

January 2014

  1. PNC and OB10 team up to provide comprehensive e-invoicing solutions

    With the new e-invoicing technology, PNC commercial customers selecting this new technology will invite their suppliers to submit invoices through the OB10 network, a technology already in use by major U.S. trading partners. No hardware or software installations are required by suppliers.
    For invoices that continue to be sent by paper during and after the OB10 enablement period, PNC’s imaging platform may be utilized to digitize all of the invoice data.

  2. Breaking: Tungsten/OB10 receives USD 200mln funding for -UK- supply chain finance

    Today Tungsten (the organisation that acquired OB10 last year September) announced that Blackstone Tactical Opportunities has agreed a $200mln funding deal that will allow Tungsten to provide customers supply chain finance. Tungsten, valued at $225mln before this deal was made public, is aiming to acquire the UK arm of the First International Bank of Israel to create an invoice discounting business.

    The deal shows that OB10, now a Tungsten company, is looking what lies well beyond e-invoicing: supply chain finance.

December 2013

  1. OB10 and Digital Planet team up to provide mandatory compliant e-invoicing in Turkey

    From January 2014, new Turkish regulations will require certain companies to adopt e-Invoicing. To help organisations remain compliant, OB10 and Digital Planet (a major Turkish e-Invoicing solution provider) announced a partnership to bring compliant electronic invoicing and process automation to Turkey.

    In addition to adhering to regulatory requirements, the alliance offers organisations the benefits of streamlined processes, improved payment performance and the ability to capture early payment discounts.

  2. Some of the deals that are now part of the Tungsten group

    A while ago, OB10 was acquired by Tungsten. The website “Proactiveinvestors.co.uk” wrote an article on the contract wins by OB10 that are now part of Tungsten: Alliance Data, Caterpillar, Premier Farnell and DS Smith. It has also signed a reseller agreement with Buzón E and a supply chain financing agreement with a top 10 US bank for. It shows a bit the path Tungsten is taking into 2014.